Hollywood shock rockers Salem’s Lott pay the Whisky this week, so we chatted with frontman Monroe Black about what we can expect…
L.A. WEEKLY: For a bit of background, when did the band form and what was the mission?
MONROE BLACK: The band formed in 2013 and the mission is and was to bring back the rock star. If you’re striving for anything less, then quit now. We’ve never subscribed to minimalist ideals, we have more in common with modern day rappers, philosophically, then contemporary rock/metalheads.  Strictly being underground doesn’t make you virtuous or “untainted,” it just makes you to chicken shit to compete.
Describe the sound…
It sounds big, untamed and alive, exactly what a band of rock stars should sound like.  Straight forward rock/metal that sounds like it’s meant to be in an arena.
Does Hollywood need a band like Salem’s Lott in 2019? It’s been a while.
I think the world needs more rock/metal bands with genuine balls. Since the advent of grunge, it’s been a big no-no to want to be a rock star and embrace its values.  Now, we live in an era of neutered roadie-rock bands and fake tough guy metal bands who are busy cannibalizing each other on what’s “true” and what’s “real,” while hip-hop continues to dominate the world as a cultural/influential force for over 20-plus years, even when they’re mumbling out of tune on record. Why? Because they have embraced what rock and metalheads have abandoned post 1980’s — the rock star. Hell, they’re even ripping off the style. Time to wake up. With the closing of the House of Blues, the Key Club and the Viper Room coming up next, as well as the gentrification of the rest of the city, it shows that Hollywood is in a desperate need of some culture and entertaining bands.
What can we expect from the Whisky set?
An arena show packed into a tiny club. If you know who we are then you know what we’re capable of live.
When that show is over, when else does the band have coming up?
We have a bunch of new material ready to be recorded for another full length LP, BUT without proper label representation in a closed off and monopolized industry it would be a waste of music to just put it out there.  No matter how great the songs, without the proper push/backing it would be a wasted effort, so while we’re waiting for the labels to grow a pair we’re playing locally and rebuilding a young rock scene in L.A. for kids who are sick of hearing rap music and want to blow off some steam and need the power of heavy driven rock to do it.
Salem’s Lott plays with Wildstreet, Wikkid Starr, Black Market Theory and The Geckoz at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, July 24 at the Whisky A Go Go.

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