That city manager of the small southeastern L.A. County municipality of Bell who's been in the hot seat for drawing a near-$800,000 salary could see nearly $1.5 million in annual pension and Social Security payments if he leaves the job.

Some residents and city officials have called for the ouster of Bell's administrative officer, Robert Rizzo, after the Los Angeles Times revealed that he was drawing an annual salary of $787,637 a year.

According to Reuters:

If Rizzo leaves his job, which irate residents of Bell are demanding, he could draw $884,692 in his first year of retirement, according to her calculations.

At age 62, when Rizzo could also begin receiving Social Security payments, his annual pension would rise to $976,771, topping $1 million two years later. If he lives to age 83, his annual payout would rise to $1.48 million.

Rizzo would top the income list of retired public employees in California, beating out the former city manager of nearby Vernon. That retiree pulls in slightly less than $510,000 a year, according to Reuters.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman have already seized upon Rizzo's potential public take as a rallying cry to reform sometimes out-of-control pensions for the Golden State's public employees.

LA Weekly