We here at the Weekly have enjoyed roasting Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa ($223,000 a year) and L.A. City Council members ($178,789) for giving themselves some of the highest salaries of any elected city officials in the nation.

We turned up the fire even more as the city faced record deficits, less police on the streets, and fewer days of library service. But for all its hubris, L.A. City Hall doesn't hold a candle to the lowly little neighbor municipality of Bell which, we're hoping, mistakenly added an extra digit to the salaries of some of its own officials.

According to the Los Angeles Times, that city's Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo gets a whopping $787,637 a year. Police Chief Randy Adams pulls down $457,000 (more than Los Angeles Chief Charlie Beck or Sheriff Lee Baca). Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia makes $376,288, more than Mayor Villaraigosa.

Seems like the citizens of Bell are getting burned.

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