There are quite a few reasons, we imagine, why you'd want to use an online dating service where love for salad is an integral part of the matchmaking algorithm. Maybe you believe that someone's feelings toward kale are a strong indicator of compatibility, and some services are either too broad (Match, OkCupid) or too narrow (Gluten Free Singles) to capture such an important criterion. Or maybe you're a woman who no longer wants to laugh alone with your salad.

Whatever the reason, you probably want to put down that salad fork and immediately look into SaladMatch, a new dating app that plays Cupid with leafy green-tipped arrows. Created by salad chain Just Salad, the iPhone app relies on you being near a Just Salad location, so it only works in New York and Hong Kong. For now, anyway: According to the app, other cities are coming soon.

As The Atlantic Wire points out, Just Salad's foray into the salad bar singles scene isn't new. SaladMatch actually started as an online dating website in 2010; redeveloping the site as an app and adding it to the big salad bowl of food-related online dating services, then, just makes sense.

Finding your “salad soulmate” with SaladMatch is fairly intuitive, even if you are green to the online dating world: Just choose your preferred salad type from a list of options, and the app will matchmake accordingly. This may be easier than it sounds; after all, what does your favorite salad say about you? If you prefer “chef-designed” salads, say, you may be the sort of person who tends to leave crucial life decisions up to the fates (and thus has no problem using a salad-matching app to find a date). If, on the other hand, you're in the “make my own” salad camp, you might be an A-type who likes control, or the illusion of being in control (and thus has no problem using a salad-matching app to find a date).

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After you pick your salad type, you'll be presented with photos of potential matches, and you can toss them or keep them. If you two like each other, it's a (salad) match and you can bond over croutons and vinaigrettes. And if the love eventually wilts, surely you won't have to wait too long before another promising niche food-related dating service — DessertMatch, SteakMatch, etc. — pops up for you to try. Until then, you can always go back to eating your salads solo. While laughing, of course.

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