Diamond Eyes (Reprise)

Saiah Sees with Diamond Eyes: Avant-garde artist Saiah told us about their love for Deftones‘ often overlooked sixth studio effort.

Saiah: If I were to choose one of my favorite albums of all time it would be Diamond Eyes by Deftones. This album reminds me of water and the circumference of it. It feels like they sat down, had the world in their hands and used it in a way to make you not even think the world exists.

Deftones Diamond Eyes 1


This body of work felt like a way to cope with their bassist Sergio Vega being in a coma after a traumatic car accident. You open the album up and the first song is the self-titled “Diamond Eyes.” The intro slowly brings you into the chaos with an infectious chorus that gets you singing it without even knowing the words. It took me a couple listens to actually understand Chino but once you understand you can never go back on how beautiful the meaning/feeling behind it is. “Time will see us realign, diamonds rain across the sky, shower me into the same realm.“ It honestly makes you feel more than actually knowing what the meaning behind it was. 

I read an article that exclaimed that Chino wanted to make a body of art that wasn’t as personal, which is cool because at this point in my career I feel the same way about music itself. I want to be able to make music that gets you out of your head and I feel like this album does that for me. They have hits like “Sextape” — everyone knows this one, but rightfully so. The lyrics are so beautiful and sonically the song sounds like a hug or maybe even more… The whole album sounds like velvet and honestly every song feels the same way, I like to call it hard s*x rock when people that don’t know this album ask what genre it is when I’m caught playing it .

This album inspires me to not only make fantasy feeling music, but also get less personal about it all and I feel like that’s how growth feels. When you can go out into night life and not even think about anything other than the night life. 

Saiah Sees with Diamond Eyes: Saiah’s new single “my mistakes as run in sentences” is out now.





















































































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