Think of it as a massive tonal buffet, with musical dishes from around the world. Now in its fourth year, the World Festival of Sacred Music takes over L.A. with 16 days of performances at venues throughout the city. Inspired by a call from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the festival offers the opportunity for listeners to “expand their definition of themselves as members of this city, go beyond the familiar, and explore the potential of intercultural and interfaith collaboration.” Kickoff headliners include the amazing Mongolian throat singers, Chirgilchin; Angola’s Waldemar Bastos, famed for his “shimmering guitar and golden, yearning voice”; the Lian Ensemble, purveryors of mystic classical Persian music and contemporary jazz; the poets, musicians and singers of India's Rupayan ensemble; and loads more. Let the tambours and bouzoukis and djundjuns and salamiyyahs and ouds and kamanchehs ring. Various venues; Sept. 13-28.

Sept. 13-28, 2008

LA Weekly