Sa Rit Gol, located on Olympic from 1990 to 2009, was considered by many to be the best restaurant in Koreatown. The banchan (or panchan), the collection of side dishes that accompanies many Korean meals, was particularly beloved. Many rued its closure, but there is good news: it has appeared again, this time on 6th Street.

Though another restaurant called Sa Rit Gol exists in the same neighborhood, this new location is the extension of the original. And as before, it's not a KBBQ restaurant: the menu includes a range of soups, grilled fishes, savory pancakes, and even fried chicken.

But again, don't sleep on those side dishes. As Jonathan Gold put it in 2004, “panchan rarely come any better than they do at Sa Rit Gol — the candied dried fish, the crisp water kimchi of radish, the chile-marinated squid, even the ordinary cabbage kimchi, are admired by the kind of old-line Korean traditionalists who insist on making their own kimchi, miso, and soy sauce, at home.” 

And while you're there, order up some corn cheese.

3324 West 6th St., Koreatown; (213) 908-5465, no website.

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