As San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow lays comatose in an L.A. hospital and LAPD investigators sniff out the two scumbags who did this to him, a bloodthirsty rally for retaliation is going down on the Internet.

Multiple posts in the San Francisco Craigslist personals rail on Dodgers fans, calling them dirty Mexicans (to put it nicely) and threatening to beat them senseless during the next three games between the Giants and the Dodgers at AT&T Park.

Some excerpts to make your eyes bleed:

Giants fan beat” says:

“i really hope you Giants fans beat the living crap out of any of these scum bags you see at the game. Make sure you pick one with a bunch of stupid tatoos across his face or something, dont just pick the first lettuce picker you see, make sure it is a well thought out attack. Pick the one that looks like the biggest thug loser in the group. Please, make sure he does not live to tell about it!”

Re: dodger thugs” says:

“i still think the Giants fans tonight should look for the guys that stand out like this. Find the ones that look like gang members and beat them to death. They are not hard to spot. pants hanging down to their ankles, wearing shoes that no mexican can afford, tatoos all over their bodies, i am sure you guys will use your best judgement!”

I support the murder of a Dodger fan” says:

“When the Dodgers come to AT@T,..some Mexican in Dodger gear,..fuck it, do it,..nobody would blame you…might even be rewarded,…no authorities would even give a crap, less cockroach to deport, or to be a welfare drain…I hope some Giant fans do it,..God bless.”

Re: I support the murder of a Dodger fan,” a troll if we ever saw one, says:


Giants fans need to get justice” says:

“Giants fan should seek out justice when the Dodger fans invade AT@T next week,…there will be plenty illegal alien Mexicans there in Dodger gear, the right thing,..beat one to death,…now SF is famous for being a gay city, flashing peace signs,..basically being pussies,..but you need to get justice for one of your own fans,..beat to death a Mexican in Dodger gear…its the right thing to do…God bless.”

“The right thing to do”? “God bless”??? Uh. We understand that the Internet's anonymity brings out the worst in people, but these racist wackjobs are dragging down any mature upper hand their team may have held in the battle of the reputations, one Craigslist personal at a time.

Another post claims that “Monday April 11th is 'Beat anyone wearing LA gear' day,” while another encourages fellow San Franciscans to “Beat a Dodger this weekend!!!!

Giants officials have assured the public that security will be at an all-time high for the second Giants-Dodgers series of the season, even claiming they'll be monitoring social-media sites.

You tell us: Is payback inevitable? Or are these just a bunch of laptop cowards who can't put their fists where their mouse is?

And really: Are all Dodgers fans tatted Mexican gangsters? Because a good lot of our baseball brethren up in NorCal seem to think so. Along with L.A. radio hosts John and Ken, reliably racist in this time of potential togetherness.

Happy Monday. In other news, here are all the ways you can help fund Bryan Stow's recovery.


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