“Twilight” star Taylor Lautner could once again flex his muscles, though not in a movie, but, rather, in a push-up contest.

Brian McMahon, owner of an RV dealership, has challenged actor Taylor Lautner to a push-up challenge in an attempt to settle a lawsuit by the action star, the Los Angeles Daily News reports. This sounds like a creative way to settle untold amounts of litigation across America.

Lautner filed a breach of contract suit against McMahon this month for failing to deliver a $300,000 RV to the set of his latest movie. The RV was to be used as a dressing room for the actor. McMahon has denied the charges and said he would go to court if Lautner doesn't accept his push-up contest.

Lautner attempted to settle the case for $40,000, prompting McMahon to challenge the heartthrob to the push-up contest, according to the dealership. The lawsuit claimed that the RV did not arrive on-time and that it needed work after it was delivered.

Robert Barta, Lautner's attorney, declined to comment to the paper citing the pending lawsuit.

Lautner rocketed to international stardom for his portrayal as Jacob Black in the “Twilight” movies.

LA Weekly