In what might be another sign that Vladimir Putin is losing control of his country — or at least its burger marketing departments — comes a sensationally 'hip' commercial from Burger King. If Russian burger lovers were all hip-hop enthusiasts, then Burger King knows they would spin giant hamburgers instead of records, get the BK logo tattooed on their back and roll up to the club with some serious canines. See for yourself in this viral commercial produced by the Burger King chain in Russia.

They seem to be going for a wide demographic, though: in between the thug life shots, there are shots of a father and son eating together, a portly family gushing over their meal and a guy proposing to his girlfriend with a ring nestled atop a sesame bun. If you can't relate to any of these things, then it's time to get your priorities in order.

Check out the video…

LA Weekly