Russ Katzman on How to Skyrocket Your Small Business and Live the Entrepreneur Life

Russ Katzman

Whether you dream of turning seven figures or you are opening the doors of your first small business, most of us have an inner entrepreneur. Sometimes, the mountain seems too tall to climb, and you need a little inspiration, perhaps from a business coach, to make it to the summit. That’s what Russ Katzman has specialized in for over 20 years.

The Founder and CEO of Progeny Coaching & Consulting believes everyone can reach the next stage of their entrepreneurial life, even if they need a bit of help. His detailed knowledge of strategic direction and human behavior has culminated in an ability to unlock the potential of any small business, whatever the complex concerns of its leader.

“It’s lonely at the top, and that doesn’t change based on whether a company has one or 1,000 employees,” he says. “The fact is, most business owners are looking for an outside voice that is willing to listen, process, direct and advise. Others seek a concrete vision, increased sales, solid accountability, succession planning, or financial education.”

Following the mentorship of over 1,000 business professionals, the CEO has refined his insight into a few quick tips to put any entrepreneur on the right track, regardless of the size of their business. Here are three steps to skyrocket your small business and live the entrepreneurial life you’ve always wanted:

1.   Be Open

It’s a common misconception that only businesses in trouble need external help. The reality is even the largest corporations use advisors to optimize their processes. If you want to live your dream entrepreneur life, you must first be open to opinions.

“Everyone should have a coach,” Katzman proclaims. “Outside perspective and influence are vital for any business owner. The purpose of any effective coach is to ensure that no entrepreneur should have to make their journey alone.”

A business coach doesn’t just provide motivation and inspiration. He can foster effective collaboration in your company, enhance leadership skills, and even help create more diverse and inclusive environments.

2.   Innovate Holistically

Every small business presents a different challenge. While you might think that more sales are the solution to all your problems, experienced business coaches know the impact that could have on other aspects of the business. To realize the benefits of your coaching, understand that every department has a role in growing your venture.

“Sales aren’t always your issue,” the Founder states. “An adaptable business coach can help you increase sales, but you might find that Operations become the new bottleneck. Sales and Operations must grow together to meet the demand that you create. Don’t neglect one for the sake of the other.”

When searching for your ideal coach, consider those that have tackled a diverse array of businesses. Ensure they have a proven track record of not only improving sales but also helping their clients find clarity, hidden profit, and lost time.

3.   Empathize with your Customer

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you probably have a business idea you’re waiting to unleash on the world. Hold your horses! You might think it’s the kind of eye-catching concept that will sell itself, but to find a sustainably lucrative niche, you need to empathize with your customer first.

“Many people start a business because they do something well and want to share it with the world,” the CEO explains. “Unfortunately, the world doesn’t always recognize the value in what you are selling. Begin with whom you would like to help, and define their needs. Then, design a value proposition that best meets those needs.”

A business coach can help you be more flexible when growing your small business. The entrepreneurial life isn’t always easy and requires a unique blend of goal-focused thinking and accountability. Achieving your full potential might require some openness, innovation, and empathy. The most successful business leaders never stop consulting with an experienced professional.

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