You're jogging briskly and in the zone and all of a sudden you want to write that book you've been meaning to pen and take that night class you've wanted to sign up for. You're invigorated. You're smart!

Yeah, who knew a jock pursuit like getting your heart rate up might actually lead to increased smartness? (We guess this could even apply to some of Charlie Sheen's cardio-challenging pursuits, too).

Researchers at UCLA this week say it could be true. UCLA associate professor of physics (and lots of other things) Mayank Mehta:

The gamma rhythm is known to be controlled by attention and learning, but we find it is also governed by how fast you are running. This research provides an interesting link between the world of learning and the world of speed.

His study was published in the Public Library of Science's PLoS ONE.

In looking at mice that were scurrying, researchers found, according to a UCLA statement, that …

The gamma rhythm, a fast signal that occurs while concentrating or learning, gradually grew stronger as the mice moved faster.

But: They're still not sure yet if exercise or, in Sheen's case, having sex, leads to greater learning ability (if so, Sheen would still be on Two and a Half Men instead of seeing his character get killed off in fall).

Still, guys, wouldn't this be the best line ever? It'll make you smarter.


LA Weekly