Chef Roy Choi, the man Anthony Bourdain once said “changed the world” with his innovative culinary concepts, is moving his food-and-beverage revolution to Las Vegas. On Friday Choi posted on his Instagram that he is leaving his post at the Line L.A. in Koreatown, where he oversaw the hotel’s bars, Pot Lobby and Commissary, and its coffee shop, Pot caFe.

“Today is the bittersweet as I must announce that the relationship between Sydell Group and my company, 10 Grand Hospitality, is coming to an end at the Line L.A.,” Choi began the post (see full post at bottom). “We did some great things together and I’m hometown proud of how Koreatown blew up in our time there.”

In L.A., not only has Choi become famous for elevating the food-truck concept from, as Bourdain said, a “roach coach” affair to a “highly sought-after, ultra-hot yet democratic rolling restaurant,” but he also has become a fusion inspiration for blending Asian and Mexican flavors together in dishes that are as innovative as they are mouthwatering.

Choi’s visionary collaborations with Sydell Group are not coming to an end, though, with the completion of his five-year contract at the Line L.A. He will be focusing his attention at the NoMad, another Sydell property in Sin City, where he’s bringing a new restaurant to the dazzling Strip.

“I wish Sydell Group all the best in their next chapter at the Line L.A.,” Choi wrote in his post. “The two things that were most important to us were our staff having the ability to retain their jobs and us retaining the rights to our brands. Happy to say we found a mutual agreement on both so I leave with a head high, heart full, and proud.”

When the new Alfred Coffee cafe in the Line opens on Aug. 1, hotel guests can expect an expanded drink menu, including boba tea and new food items from Rooster Truck breakfast burritos. It’s a big switch from the potpourri of influences at Choi’s current menu at the space, with its mix of Taiwanese baked goods and Mexican staples. However, change is a constant.

“Thanks for the good times, Ktown,” Choi ended his post, adding that he hopes to create a POT and Commissary 2.0 sometime in the future.

Though it’s unknown exactly when the brands will be reincarnated, in the meantime, you can still check out Choi’s dining experiences at the Line L.A. until the end of July. Indeed, there’s still some time left to grab a drink at sun-soaked Commissary — housed within the hotel’s lush, urban greenhouse it’s the perfect place to nurture a budding liaison.

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