Kala (XL/Interscope)

ROWA gets Kala: LA-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist ROWA told us about her love for an MIA gem.

ROWA: One of the most influential albums for me is without a doubt M.I.A.’s debut Kala. I was super young when she dropped it and was absolutely hooked after seeing one of her music videos on MTV. Not only was it sonically fierce and unlike anything I had ever heard before but I was equally mesmerized by her visual aesthetics; filled with abrasive colors and patterns. Musicians with a knack for artistic design have always been the most influential to me, in my opinion there is nothing more memorable than a sophisticated musical catalog accompanied by a sense of visual storytelling.


M.I.A.’s inherent uniqueness and sheer authenticity is what made her so influential when it came out and I have been inspired by her work ever since. I had the opportunity to see her tour Kala when I was 12 years old at an old ballroom theatre in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI. My friends and I were easily the youngest people there and landed a spot in the front row. At the peak of her show she invited all of the ladies in the front on stage and there I was- dancing next to M.I.A as a pre teen! Not only did she create a unique realm of her own at that time but she invited her fans into it, to me that is what creates a truly powerful artist.

I am excited to have started my own musical journey this year with my debut single and video “Naughty GXRL.” I produce my own music and also creative direct all of my visual content and I can only thank artists like M.I.A. who really trail blazed a path for female musicians like myself.
To be able to see such a fierce artist making purely unique content at the tail end of the Britney Spears era is something I am so grateful to have witnessed. Moving forward people can expect very eclectic and genre defying music from myself accompanied by a very well developed visual storyline as I continue to release my catalog of singles throughout 2023.
ROWA gets Kala: ROWA’s new single “Naughty GXRL” is out now.



















































































































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