After a man killed himself in front of police investigating the sensational murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen turned out to be a possible mental case, it looked like the investigation into her shooting last month in Beverly Hills was back to square one.

But detectives have apparently gotten their hands on security video from near the scene of her death on Whittier Drive that depicts a black Lincoln Town Car in the area at the time of the shooting.

And, of course, Beverly Hills police want to track down that car and its occupant(s).

That's according to ABC7, which attributes the discovery of the video to a homeowner in the area.

Chasen, a noted Hollywood publicist, was gunned down after midnight Nov. 16 in a tony neighborhood south of Sunset Boulevard near the Los Angeles Country Club.

Detectives have been so flummoxed that they went searching for 43-year-old Harold Mark Smith Wednesday after the Fox show America's Most Wanted received a tip stating that the man had been bragging about having killed Chasen.

Neighbors said he talked to himself a lot.

The Town Car video sounds like the most solid clue police have received since the shooting happened.

“That Town Car is a potential witness that could actually provide some very important clues to what happened at the crash in those moments before and those moments afterwards,” former prosecutor Robin Sax said on Good Morning America this week.

Interesting indeed. Chasen was shot five times in the chest and back. She was a moving target and whoever pulled the trigger, some have surmised, was a seasoned pro.

And pros drive Town Cars. At least in the movies.

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