It doesn't appear that skateboarder Ronald Weekley, Jr. did anything to deserve getting punched in the face by an LAPD cop, as seen on video of his take-down by police in Venice last weekend.

And those badges involved will have to answer why so much manpower was involved in nabbing a 20-year-old over riding a skateboard on the wrong side of the street. (Kids do it all the time, as did this reporter just the other night — in front of a cop!).

But you also have to ask Weekley a serious question:

Why the hell when the cops told you to stop didn't you just stop? It's the best way to prevent an unnecessary beat-down, if you ask us. Cooperate now, ask questions later.

A friend of Weekley's said that he wanted to keep on going to avoid what he thought would end up being an investigation of nearby gangsters.

He didn't want to be seen as a snitch, ostensibly. If so, it still wasn't worth it.

The L.A. police union came to the defense of the officers involved, stating late yesterday that …

… It is also important for everyone to understand that it is required by law to follow an officer's lawful commands.

Absolutely true. This whole thing could have been avoided with an about face.

On the other hand, it's just a little amusing to us when the L.A. Police Protective League says, Let's take our time and examine all the evidence — video doesn't tell the whole story — when cops play judge and jury, sometimes in error, all day long.

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