Whatever happened to Rona Barrett? Though an iconic presence on 1970s network TV as America's conduit to Hollywood scandal, via Good Morning America, The Today Show and Entertainment Tonight, by the 1990s, Barrett was MIA. At last, the gossip queen returns, in her one-woman show, Rona Barrett: Nothing but the Truth , wherein she shares a career's worth of scandalous celebrity tidbits involving the likes of Cher, Robin Williams, John Wayne, Mick Jagger and Bette Davis. (She's also famous for her feuds with Frank Sinatra and Tom Snyder, but who isn't?) The show includes vintage video clips of Barrett's reportage, so expect a few cringe-worthy moments, mostly involving hairstyles. And, although likely not part of the show, it's worth noting that Barrett authored the 1978 self-help book How You Can Look Rich and Achieve Sexual Ecstasy. Do tell!

Thu., June 17, 7 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly