Ron Paul, the ultra-right candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, didn't get too much time in the sun here on the ultra-left coast.

Well, at least a pop-art poster of his likeness didn't.

Though some of his libertarian views might be sympatico with the feelings of the rich of Beverly Hills (and we could certainly see the conservative Beverly Hills Courier embracing him), the artwork celebrating the Texas congressman was too much to survive the rough streets of 90210:

Beverly Hills Patch reported over the weekend that a Warholian poster of Paul put up on Rodeo Drive and spotted early last week has been removed.

It was taped to a Robert Graham sculpture called “The Torso” that stands over Rodeo at Dayton way.

Patch says it was a “A 3 ft. x 2 ft. spray-paint stencil on wood” titled “Consistency.” It's credited to an urban art crew (with an Orange County phone number) called Urbin Alchemist.

A rep from the crew of artists tells Patch they're “huge supporters” of Paul and have placed more than a dozen other such masterworks around L.A.

This particular piece is in the hands of the city of Beverly Hills. Maybe it can be auctioned off. Even this gilded city could use the cash to keep its budget in check.

Who's buying?

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