Director Roman Polanski lost one in court Thursday, but it wasn't his big appeal asking the state 2nd District panel to allow him to be sentenced while he remains overseas. Rather, a request by the victim in his 33-year-old sex-with-a-minor conviction to have the case dismissed was denied by the same court.

Samantha Geimer, who eventually received money from Polanski following his 1977 conviction for having sex with her when she was 13, filed the appeal on his behalf in the 2nd District court, but it was “summarily denied.”

“Samantha Geimer was first victimized by Polanski,” her attorney, Lawrence Silver, wrote in the filing. “Whatever harm was done to her 33 years ago by Polanski is now a memory. Samantha Geimer is currently victimized by the judicial system in the maintenance of a

prosecution, stale of fact and devoid of current purpose except to advance a political career. Justice is not made of such stuff.''

Polanski fled to Europe in 1978 after he found out, his lawyers argue, that he would be sentenced for more time than he already had served under a plea agreement. His team wants him to be sentenced “in absentia” for time already served.

He's being held under house arrest in Switzerland as the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office attempts to extradite him. Swiss officials, however, have said they will not ship him off to L.A. until the issue of his sentencing in absentia is decided. We reported this week that Polanski has appealed to President Obama for help in the case.

LA Weekly