Bread People rises out of an Internet food-scape rich in strange, singular visions. As with Scanwiches and Slice Harvester, the blog's conceit is simple and bewildering: West Los Angeles-based Adam Malamut doles out yeasty makeovers to famous people and posts pictures of their modified countenances.

Allow us to introduce you to Conaan O' Brien, the ghee-slicked hero of late night. Meet Multigraint Hill, the Phoenix Suns' starting small forward who, despite having a thin, floppy head full of seeds, can almost guard Kobe Bryant. Crunch down on Crostini Ricci, butter up Condoleezza Slice, and behold the dense, nutty wonder that is Scone Phillips. Whose face shall Malamut knead and hearth-bake next? Challah Abdul? Little Bao Wow? He welcomes suggestions. Personally, we're considering starting up a cheese-themed spin-off featuring such winners as Stilton Berle, Billy Whey Cyrus, and Spike Brie.

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