So here we are at the end of the decade wherein the James Bond franchise returned to its roots, but also to a level of bare-bones, brawling machismo with Daniel Craig that arguably even Connery never reached. For those of us who grew up at the height of Bond bombast, this new era can make you long for the old OTT JB. As British comedian and presenter Joe Cornish keenly noted on his homemade Quantum of Solace theme tune (, “Sometimes I wish Roger Moore would come back / with an underwater car or some kind of jetpack / or a hover gondola and a Union Jack.” Guess what, Moore-era Bond babies — he will, this week at the climax of the Egyptian's “James Bond Retrospective”; Sunday brings a potent dose of Moonraker (Space! Zero-G sex! Richard Kiel!) and For Your Eyes Only (That chick out of Ice Castles! Topol! Sheeena Eeeeeston!) Plenty of delicious cheese, so bring crackers.

Sun., Jan. 3, 7:30 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly