City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo has filed suit to seize an apartment building that allegedly serves as a 24-hour narcotics pharmacy run by the Mara Salvatrucha gang. Also known by its initials MS-13, the gang was formed in Los Angeles by Salvadoran immigrants during the 1980s. The lawsuit was not served on gang members but on Jacob Libman, the landlord of the Pico-Union neighborhood building located at 833

Fedora Street. A press release from Delgadillo's office says:

“The lawsuit seeks an injunction against Libman, aimed at

eliminating criminal activity at the property, as well as civil penalties, attorneys'

fees and law enforcement investigative costs. The suit also seeks the

appointment of a receiver who would assume control and management of the

property in order to abate the entrenched gang and nuisance activity there.”

Libman has claimed to Associated Press that he has no knowledge of illegal activity occurring in the 24-unit complex.  See MS13.pdf for full text of Delgadillo's press release.

LA Weekly