The Los Angeles Times reports that L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo is making moves to run again for California Attorney General, now that Jerry Brown, the current A.G., is showing signs of wanting to reoccupy the governor's mansion. Brown obliterated Delgadillo in the 2006 Democratic primary, but with Brown out of the picture, the termed-out Delgadillo would face more manageable opposition in the A.G. race. However, he would, as the Times notes, have to confront formidable obstacles.
Rocky Delgadillo: Born to run?

For one thing, Delgadillo hasn't exactly become a household name in

California in the time since 2006. More seriously, some of his

prosecutorial record would present opponents with a blimp-sized target.

Although his office issues press releases commemorating nearly every

gang injunction and court victory won by the City Attorney,

Delgadillo is not seen as a particularly aggressive advocate and has

suffered criticism for his alleged lack of spine (or his outright

collaborationism) in the fight against billboard companies. (See Christine Pelisek's continuing series of articles and blogs on L.A.'s billboard wars.)


there was a nasty turf dustup with Sheriff Lee Baca during Paris

Hilton's memorable  2007 arrest and incarceration.  (Baca let her walk

early, Rocky wanted to keep her behind bars). And don't forget the little matter of

Delgadillo's wife crashing a city car on personal business, even though

she didn't have a current driver's license. Fasten your seat belts, as they say — this campaign could be a long and bumpy ride.

LA Weekly