Three of the planets that affect our personal, day-to-day lives go through changes this week. On Friday, Mars comes out of retrograde, where it's been since October 1. It'll take until the beginning of February (Super Bowl) for athletic, energetic Mars to return to the degree in Taurus at which it flipped. On Monday, recently retrograde Mercury re-enters Sagittarius, crossing over from Scorpio as it did at Halloween. And on Thursday, Venus leaves Capricorn for a short trip through aerial Aquarius before turning retrograde on Christmas Eve and making it back to earthy Capricorn in time for the Rose Bowl. Thursday's full moon in Gemini may offer one too many choices, but it's the merger of the Sagittarius sun with extremist Pluto that night that can force you to stick to your guns.


Consistent, persistent, insistent. Once your determined Mars ruler turns direct in the stubborn sign of the Bull, there's no telling how far you'll go to fulfill your No. 1 goal. After 10 weeks of cooling your heels while Mars was retrograde (with Mercury also in reverse), it's time to turn up the heat, preferably without burning any bridges. Although it may come with its own set of rules, you can count on steady support from a family elder. The same goes for colleagues with a similar vision of a brave new world to yours.


You'll have about a week to get a sense of how Venus transiting Aquarius will affect your career before it turns retrograde on Christmas Eve. Your ruling planet leaves prudent Capricorn on the 15th only to return for New Year's. But don't confuse your willingness to contemplate a more idealistic Aquarian future with a dilemma over a financial matter, i.e., where the money is coming from and where it is going to go. That issue comes to a head midmonth during the dual-focused Gemini full moon. P.S. Read for Aries.


The weekend should be pleasant, even downright pleasurable, as your Mercury ruler and lovable Venus form a harmonious bond. And after Mercury enters Sagittarius, your cosmic complement, on Monday, someone you met at Halloween could resurface. However, you may have to make a difficult choice during the Gemini full moon, not only because of the dualistic nature of this (for the Twins) emotional moon, but because the demands of “off it or save it” Pluto are stronger now than at any other time of the year. No hedging your bets, no compromises.


The annual Gemini full moon could be the most confusing one of the year for Crabs, who usually navigate the highs and lows of emotional waves with ease. Because the vibes the Twins emit are often in flux or cancel each other out, the Moon Child might not be able to decide in which direction things are heading. That this full moon occurs in your 12th house of what is hidden and unknown, the cosmic dues you're paying can add to your sense of befuddlement. Concentrate instead on work and health issues and what you'd be better off eliminating.


Mars in your career midheaven goes direct on Friday, so what didn't happen over the past 10 weeks may suddenly become important again. But with affectionate Venus in your Aquarius house of partners, will you care about anything other than who wants you now? Although Venus doesn't stay past New Year's, she will return in March. So enjoy the pleasure of having good-looking, sociable people around for the holidays, even if it means you can't pay enough attention to a loved one who's tugging at your heartstrings.


Momentum picks up now that energetic Mars in Taurus, a supportive earth sign, is facing forward again. Whether you intensify your search for investment money and access to other people's resources or opt for a trip through unexplored territory depends on the decision you'll arrive at after the Gemini full moon illuminates the full range of your options. However, it's possible that you'll change your mind after retentive Pluto is persuaded to release its grip on a long-standing family matter. A reconciliation or revenge?


Midmonth would be the ideal time to begin your holiday vacation, but if you can't take off by the light of the Gemini full moon, use it to read maps by. The polarity between curious Gemini and educated Sagittarius can fine-tune your fascination with what you don't know and what you have yet to experience. But if you must hang out at home, try to show more interest in a neighbor's, your sibling's or a classmate's affairs. Right now, you can alleviate some of their anxiety without having to play Lord or Lady Bountiful.


This could turn out to be a red-letter week as, first, your Mars co-ruler goes direct after months of reconnecting and reconsidering. That this shift of gears occurs in your Taurus house of partners should make any change of heart that much more meaningful. Although the Gemini full moon???Sagittarius sun opposition may bring a financial matter to a head, it is the sun's conjunction with your coercive Pluto co-ruler that'll present an excuse to tip the scales in your favor. The Scorpion stings, the Eagle soars!


Fiery Mars going direct in your house of children, playmates and theater tickets provides enough energy to pursue a range of holiday activities with gusto. But if you are reluctant to give up something you treasure dearly (time alone?), wait until the full moon, when the Sagittarius sun merges with regenerative Pluto. That's when you can effect a noticeable change of attitude, appearance as well. However, if this is your birthday week, be careful what you wish for. The tense opposition between equally mutable, equally mobile Gemini and Sagittarius might turn you into a flight risk.


While the waxing Jupiter-Saturn square will have all sorts of cultural ramifications, its effect on you personally depends on whether you are a December or a January Goat. If the former, then you might have to redirect the benefits that colleagues or an association you belong to is offering. If you're born in January, then your Saturn ruler is probably still in your house of partners, keeping a tight rein, if not actually holding you back from going too far, too fast, the way that expansive Jupiter in your career midheaven would have it.


Good timing. The garrulous, gregarious Gemini full moon takes place in your house of fun and games, while the witty and wisecracking Sagittarius sun turns up the heat on relationships with close colleagues and/or casual acquaintances. Sounds like a party in the making, especially if you have a romantic agenda in mind. Another factor in the rise of your libido is that after 10 weeks in retrograde, horny Mars is finally facing forward. Soon enough the planet of desire will put you in a compromising position, but until mid-January, enjoy.


Perhaps the best part about adventurous Mars turning direct is that the planet of desire is reactivating your interest in something of value. Because the flip occurs in pragmatic, beauty-loving Taurus, you could be as concerned with maintaining security as with pursuing another addition to your collection. February Fish may have a different kind of adventure in mind, one that takes place far from familiar surroundings. They are being advised by philosophical Jupiter to explore unknown territory and/or occult Scorpionic secrets.

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