JULY 27 – AUGUST 2, 2007
You may already sense that Venus, the planet of love, beauty
and the niceties of life, is about to turn retrograde. If you aren't aware
that your romance can take a step backward on Friday, now you know. But did you
know that Venus rules the NYSE? The retrogression lasts about six weeks and ends
on September 8. Sunday evening, as the Leo sun opposes the cool, collected Aquarius
moon, you may feel emotionally distant rather than all choked up. It happens.
On Tuesday, steel yourself for a difficult square aspect between militant Mars
in Taurus and unyielding Saturn in regal Leo. This “hard” aspect between
the two classic “malevolents” is followed on Thursday by the “soft”
trine linking the creativity of the Leo sun to beneficent Jupiter's wisdom
and wealth. There is no “Greater Fortuna” than that.


August brings an unexpected bonanza, especially for the good sports who have endured
years of razzing because they were born on April Fools' Day. However, the
manna that can drop from heaven right about now is not a joke. While the sun,
the ruler of fiery Leo, trines lucky Jupiter, the ruler of fiery Sagittarius,
the benefits of this highly favorable connection reflect on Aries, the third of
the fire signs. You won't have to lift a finger; just be respectful to your
parents, home repairmen, your landlord or the mortgage lender.


Where is this summer's summer romance heading? This week, your frustration
could reach the boiling point when short-tempered Mars in your sign tests the
restrictions imposed by Saturn. Not unlike a speeding car crashing into a cement
barrier or, if you're a truly gentle Bull, rolling through a stop sign.
Either way, you'll pay a price. A week later, as Mars engages your Venus
ruler, you might be all hot and bothered again and willing to take your chances.
As long as Venus is retrograde (September 8), expect more back-and-forth.


Ask for the favor. You won't have a better chance of getting what you want
than when generous Jupiter in your partnership house forms a rewarding trine with
the Leo sun. Maybe some Twins can wait for the next favorable aspect in mid-December,
but why put it off? If you're reticent because Jupiter is currently retrograde,
you could procrastinate for a while, but not any later than Labor Day. That's
when the hypercritical Virgo sun challenges your benefactor's magnanimous
tendencies. Who needs more time than that to deliberate the pros and cons?


The Aquarius full moon this weekend can signify that the end is coming, the end
of the matter you've been most concerned about. More good news: The sun
in your Leo money house is on the best of terms with lucky Jupiter, so if there's
a chance to capitalize on their rewarding trine aspect, go ahead, take the offer,
make the bet. Even if you don't win, you'll be in the mood to spread
some of your newly found wealth. However, one of your hothead colleagues could
raise a ruckus if he (the planet involved is macho Mars) thinks you're holding
out on him.


More than the other signs – except, maybe, Sagittarius – Leos are
perfectly positioned to benefit from the rare (once every 12 years) trine taking
place between the creative Leo sun and expansive Jupiter in your Sagittarius house
of recreation, romance and joy. Even though a favorable sun-Jupiter trine takes
place twice a year, every year, this is the first summer since 1995 that the rewarding
aspect is occurring in the signs the two giants of our solar system rule. And
just as back then, Jupiter is retrograde.


Your Mercury ruler will finally exit Cancer, the closely guarded sign it's
been in since Memorial Day, on August 4. Once the Messenger is in fearless Leo,
your conversation might become more optimistic, even somewhat exaggerated. So
if Mercury's extended visit in the sign of the protective Crab is still
bringing you benefits (as we assume it is), make sure you secure them, especially
the contacts with like-minded people and the information they've imparted.
You might not be sworn to secrecy, but do you want to be an unnamed “source”?


Maybe it's not perseverance, but something akin to that gift can pay off
bigtime real soon. As the sun and Jupiter, the largest of the major planetary
players, form a supportive trine aspect, some Libras will receive a substantial
payoff, specifically in the coin of the realm. Others might become, if not quite
famous, then more well-known among their peers and more familiar with the power
of the media. It's a win-win situation that should keep you occupied during
your Venus ruler's slow and winding trip through retrograde.


Push might actually come to shove when your assertive Mars co-ruler tries to energize
immutable Saturn in your career midheaven. Maybe it'll be you, maybe an
ally, who'll attempt to nudge a respected elder closer to your point of
view. But since Scorpios don't handle frustration well, nor are they inclined
to compromise, better let someone else do the negotiating. For a more favorable
outcome, wait another week for the supportive trine between Saturn and Pluto,
your other co-ruler, in your Sag money house.


Everyone can benefit from the rewarding trine between the cheerful Leo sun and
expansive Jupiter, but Centaurs and Lions come out way ahead of the other signs.
Although you're not competing, you can't help but be thrilled that
Jupiter, the “Greater Fortune,” is in your sign, even though it doesn't
come out of retrograde until the 6th. Until then, keep your fingers crossed that
the planet of good luck, wealth and wisdom will provide any or all of the above
for you to use at your discretion or when the need to dazzle arises.


Since the annual Aquarius full moon this weekend illuminates your money axis,
what might it be showing you now? Does it look like a long-standing financial
matter will be resolved before the next new moon? Are you being pressured to break
a record, meet a deadline or otherwise achieve your personal best before the skinflint
will pay up? Will you meet the latest challenge, resist it or make a counteroffer?
Perhaps a well-heeled associate will step in and pay the dues being asked of you.
Speaking of dues, what about the union thing?


Be grateful to the partner who is willing to step up and help out. Be it a stroke
of astounding good luck or an act of heartfelt charity, it's something you
won't see again for another 12 years. That's how often the sun in
your Leo marriage house forms an advantageous trine to prosperous Jupiter in Sagittarius,
the sign of the Seer. By now, you may be aware that something significant usually
happens when the sun is in your house of significant others. This year's
event will have a lasting impact on your future.


There'll be provocation later on in the year to do a better job, to be all
that you can be. However, for the time being, you won't have to do much
more than hang around and receive the goodies arriving as August begins. No astrological
relationship is as fortunate as the beneficial trine between the life-giving sun
and lucky Jupiter, your traditional ruling planet. That gigantic Jupiter is traveling
back and forth in your Sagittarius house of success suggests that within your
chosen field, your reputation is about to spread.

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