We're still being influenced by Wednesday's Taurus
new moon, so there's no need to wait until Monday to begin something new.
Mercury in Gemini is very much the middleman this week, busily connecting planets
and the signs they rule to each other. Take advantage of whatever comes your way;
in another month, the Messenger will turn retrograde for three long, slow weeks.
Consider getting a head start on the usual Mercury retrograde matters: repairs,
contracts in the works, a new set of wheels, etc. Solar Gemini starts on Monday,
the 21st, and the Memorial Day holiday weekend on Thursday, the 24th, as Neptune
turns retrograde for the next five months.


It might not make that much of a difference, but if you count on colleagues to
send clients your way or to keep your social life interesting, then Neptune turning
retrograde on the 24th could slow things down for the summer. Perhaps the planet's
annual shift into reverse will bring an auld, not-to-be-forgot acquaintance back
on the scene or revive your interest in a TV series you thought you'd outgrown.
Lots of conversations this week as Mercury in your house of communication connects
you to folks from various walks of life and cultures.


This would be a good time to stock up on office supplies, bring your ride in for
repair and otherwise deal with the everyday transactions that tend to become horror
shows whenever Mercury turns retrograde. Which the little guy, ensconced in your
Cancer house of transportation, commerce and communication, will do on June 15.
If you wait until the end of the month, you may be cutting it too close. Since
not much is happening until your romantic Venus ruler and unpredictable Uranus
make nice on the 24th, why not do the dreary stuff ASAP?


The bigger, better plan you've been formulating could get a shot in the
arm (or, just as easily, be shot down) when your Mercury ruler confronts expansive,
expensive Jupiter this weekend. If you need an enthusiastic partner to help your
project succeed, now would be a good time to fish around. The result, courtesy
of Mercury's hookup with Uranus in your Pisces career house, might surprise
you. Try casting a wider net, through the Net, while Mercury in Gemini perfects
a rewarding trine to Neptune in Aquarius, the tech-savvy, future-oriented air


Since Venus is in your sign only until June 5, be sure you make the most of her
gifts. It's not simply greater charm, tact and popularity that the goddess
bestows, she also adds an indefinable something to the way you present yourself.
Finally getting the good haircut, springing for a special outfit? Although you
might be hassling with your boss while argumentative Mars transits your Aries
midheaven, don't miss out on the good luck and the fun times you're
in for over the next few weeks. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until December.


July Lions might be encouraged by an interested party to dig into a complicated
money matter that would benefit you both sooner rather than much later. The August-born
may discover a reason to contact a host of folks, from casual acquaintances, e.g.,
friends of friends, to tried-and-true team players. Sounds like a party in the
making. You can send out the invitations and arrange the details right now, but
try to schedule the event for early June, when your sun ruler will extract the
biggest benefit from jolly Jupiter.


Concentrate on co-workers. Although other folks may be vying for your time and
attention, at the moment the people who can do you the most good are those who
are as dedicated as you are to getting the job done properly. These are the people
who share an “ideal” that can lift your concerted efforts far above
the ordinary. If you manage to drag your clan into the process, then the entire
extended family will benefit. The weeks from now through September are especially
important; not for another 12 years will your chart indicate such potent forces
for change.


Get the word out. Whether you're the artistic type or merely smarter than
your average bear, use this week to let everyone know that you're at the
top of your game. Libras of varied stripes will benefit from the rewarding air-sign
trine that aligns your basic life force with clever Mercury in Gemini and imaginative
Neptune in your Aquarius house of creativity. This planetary lineup favors visionaries
and visual artists who haven't had adequate publicity as well as reclusive
writers who lack sufficient faith in their work.


Like the other water signs, this week Scorpios are better off following where
their hearts, not their heads, lead them. Thinking long and hard about a money
matter will do you no good; table it for the time being. However, while loving
Venus is in empathetic Cancer, you may be more willing to accept whatever surprise
is sprung on you. Be sure to thank erotic, erratic Uranus in your Pisces house
of recreation and romance for perfecting an alliance with sweet Venus as well
as with your natal Scorpio planets. Enjoy.


If you've been somewhat reluctant, even cautious, about announcing, proclaiming,
pontificating about whatever causes Archers to rise up on their high horses, you
should be able to drop your guard this week. Although the disruptive situation
associated with where you live or the nutty relatives will continue, you could
receive good reviews for simply being who you are. Don't be surprised if
an aloof neighbor or a respectable representative of the entrenched establishment
jumps on your bandwagon. No, money is not a factor, not yet.


If a financial matter has you on hold, waiting for some kind of determination,
try to get it resolved before Neptune turns retrograde on the 24th. Having the
foggy planet in your Aquarius house of income and assets may turn out to be a
source of inspiration in the long run, but it can make day-to-day transactions
more confusing than they need be. FYI: Neptune will be backpedaling until Halloween.
However, when it comes to your close relationships, while loving Venus is in your
Cancer marriage house, things flow along swimmingly.


Read for Capricorn. Neptune, the cosmic cameraman, could be fooling around with
the light and shadows people see when they look at you. Clouding men's minds
again? Try to recall what it was like last summer when Neptune was retrograde
in your sign and subdued by Saturn in your marriage house. This week, the news
Mercury delivers about a colleague or a partnership matter is positive. And once
the sun is moving through Gemini, more positive action, especially on the creative
front, will follow. Romance too.


For most of the signs, this week is about trading information that'll set
the stage for benefits to come. You'll also be privy to that data, and maybe
you'll act on it, but not until you adjust to your Neptune ruler's
change of direction on the 24th. This is a significant event, made even more so
by the delicious, delightful trine between amenable Venus in your house of romance
and “up for anything” Uranus in Pisces that takes place later that
night. Rather than letting the surprise catch you unawares, be prepared.

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