Still holding on to an ideal or two? Then this would be a good
weekend to act on them. Courageous, crusading Mars goes into attack mode when
it confronts Saturn, spokesman for the established, the entrenched and, because
the old man is in regal Leo, the entitled. Following the fallout from their opposition,
Mars enters a supportive sextile arrangement with Jupiter, the upbeat planet that
governs a wide range of organizations, from the NCAA to the DOJ. However, it's
on Sunday, during its biannual conjunction with idealistic, idol-obsessed Neptune,
that Mars is most convincing. Their merger takes place in independent, future-oriented
Aquarius, the sign of “the people” and the airwaves.


Young stud vs. old queen? This week, you may have to deal with at least one manifestation
of the biannual opposition between your virile Mars ruler in Aquarius and decrepit
Saturn in royal Leo. This particular polarity won't occur again for 30 years,
so if you need to make inroads in someone's well-established defense/belief
system, now would be the time to do it. But don't buy into the fantasy that
yours will be a smashing victory. While enthusiastic Jupiter may offer intellectual
support, delusional Neptune is clouding your conscious mind.


Whatever conflicts are erupting around you, this week Bulls are in a truly enviable
position: You're free to stop and smell the flowers. Militant Mars may infiltrate
your client's good nature, and turgid Saturn could penetrate the atmosphere
at home, adding to a long-standing problem there. None of this will amount to
a hill of beans if you're engaged in artistic pursuits, and, yes, shopping
for spring clothes qualifies. Money to throw at these problems will eventually
show up, clients will be apologetic, and you'll continue to feel and look
good, as you should.


We're aware that on a daily basis, you're a pretty inventive problem
solver. So what marvels can we expect when your Mercury ruler meets up with innovative
Uranus for April Fools' Day? Before it turned retrograde in mid-February,
Mercury came close to connecting with the maverick planet. Now that this annual
event is about to take place in your Pisces career house, we can imagine what
wild visions you'll conjure up. Remember that while Uranian energy factors
into any type of awakening, it is also highly unpredictable.


Back to the bank statement. The major astro-event this week is the Mars-Saturn
opposition that stretches from your Aquarius house of multipeople money matters
— insurance, taxation, bonds, etc. — to your Leo house of personal
finance. Responsible Saturn has been entrenched in Leo long enough to turn you
into a more patient, possibly even a better-organized, Crab than you used to be.
Mars, however, is a quick-draw artist, so its attack/challenge may be short, but
it won't be sweet. Unusual advice from a mentor.


Getting through this week might be tricky. The merger of energetic Mars and visionary
Neptune in your Aquarius marriage house is terrific if your partner is making
an action movie. Otherwise, illusions, even fabulous fables, from that quarter
are testing the stability of having Saturn in your sign. How many more responsibilities
will you assume and why would you? Has this contest taken on cosmic proportions?
Relief and rewards by turning to jolly, generous Jupiter in your Sagittarius house
of creativity and children, fun, and games of chance.


Read for Gemini. You need to know what's going on with your Mercury ruler
as it retraces the path it was on (and where it took you) in February. And while
you may have a clear idea of what is happening careerwise, when Mercury meets
up with Uranus, there's a good chance that your partner will surprise you.
One of you is due to experience an ideological breakthrough, a shakeup in a close
relationship or a happy coincidence. Meanwhile, there's a positive force
waiting for you at home, among the relatives or even with the landlord.


Some might call it jealousy; others, obstinacy. No matter how you define the situation,
you could get stuck in the middle of a struggle between a loved one and someone
who is not so much loved as admired. One party may be more powerful than the other,
one may have a bigger cheering section, but, as usual, it falls to the Scales
to settle their differences and engineer a satisfactory (at least to you) reconciliation.
On the other hand, you are also in a position (astrologically) to sidestep the
conflict entirely so they can work out their problem without your input.


You may have to deal with a rigid client or a local government agency that won't
bend even a little to accommodate you, but by and large, this bump in the road
won't slow you down much. If necessary, because you're particularly
imaginative this week, should you decide to take a detour, you can easily fabricate
a story to cover your tracks. More travel analogies, maybe a road trip for real,
while footloose and prosperous Jupiter in your Sagittarius money house is being


Protective Jupiter, your ruling planet, is more than simply shielding you from
the flak flying every which way because of Mars' attack on Saturnian traditions.
Jupiter's witty way with words could help you successfully satirize their
conflict and cash in on your effort. Considering creating Web content? Mars in
your Aquarius house of communication points to Internet access, while Saturn holds
court in the hallowed halls of academe. No biggie, but for the next two years,
the better rewards could come from respectability and longevity. No kidding.


Since there's been a long-standing question mark hanging over your Saturn
ruler from nebulous Neptune in your money house, you've probably made whatever
adjustments (the deal is on, it's off, it's on again) were necessary.
Well, this week Neptune gets a boost of energy from ballsy Mars. Maybe you'll
take the offensive and attempt to settle, or maybe you'll get on your high
horse and ignore a challenge to your authority. Mars will make its point and move
on soon enough, but unless both parties cut to the chase now, that money matter
could still be pending through summer.


If you feel worn down by the resistance you've been encountering, by all
means accept a colleague's offer. With access to Jupiter's wisdom
or wealth, you'll fare much better knowing you have the support of someone
with a similar experience. Even a casual acquaintance could claim an advantage
you don't have; he or she may also help clarify your goals and refine your
responses. With fiery Mars in your sign, you're more likely to rant and
rave or behave like a bully when you should be promoting your artistic vision.


The heat is rising, psychologically speaking. Make the most of the infusion of
passion you'll get from Mars as it merges with your Neptune ruler this weekend.
Even if their hookup is short, the intensity of this biannual conjunction will
last quite a while. Besides, after sexy Mars leaves Aquarius, the next stop on
its transit through the zodiac is — ta-da! — Pisces. Starting with
Good Friday, plan on tossing your goody-two-shoes persona and taking on that bad
boy/bad girl attitude. Schedule surgery then as well.

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