Explore, take a chance: This is the message of the Virgo full-moon
eclipse on the 3rd. Not that Virgo is considered much of a daredevil; however,
impulsive Uranus and far-reaching Jupiter are very much part of this soli/lunar
pattern. The Pisces sun conjuncts Uranus on the 5th and squares Jupiter in Sagittarius
on the 9th. But the event we're anticipating is Mercury coming out of a
three-week retrograde the night of the 7th. Sure, it'll take until the 27th
for the Messenger to return to the spot at which it flipped into reverse, before
it starts making progress, but what's another three weeks if you're
having fun?


Mercury's change of direction won't be a problem if you step aside
and let colleagues claim the credit or, more likely, accept the blame for misrepresenting
the high-minded goals you once shared. Love-starved Rams have other fish to fry,
namely maximizing the highs before finding a way to survive the lows that romantic
Venus puts you through this week. For openers, better bury the credit cards. This
way, generous Jupiter's exuberant frolic with the goddess won't cost
a fortune when it comes time to pay the piper.


You may as well ride with the Rams, since it's your Venus ruler that is
providing the fun and the funds. However, your co-workers are not about to mess
with your mind if things go awry when Mercury flips. Instead, it's the folks
in the family who could take a firm stand and hold their ground, especially if
expensive construction work is involved. Don't summarily dismiss their suggestions;
chances are you'll wind up with better-quality and longer-lasting life from
their advice. Experience counts.


Gird yourself for the surprise that may be sprung when the impressionable Pisces
sun is wedded to the erratic energy of Uranus. Their merger takes place in your
career midheaven, where your reputation resides, and also, if you happen to be
infected by the ambient nuttiness, where your family's good name could be
flushed down the toilet. Happily, protective, prestigious Jupiter in your Sag
house of partners, past and present, is willing to come to the rescue and bail
you out with big bucks or, if necessary, political capital.


Can you bear to sit through another screening of the good, the bad and the endless?
Saturn, dubbed a “malevolent” by the ancients, has been dominating
your Leo money house for what seems like an eternity, but this week it might feel
like it is the last hurrah. That's because the planet of pragmatism and
patience completes a rewarding grand fire trine with both lucky Venus in Aries
and even luckier Jupiter in Sagittarius. Will the lunar and solar eclipses this
month have a similar effect on a Moon Child when Saturn moves into Virgo during
the eclipses of September?


Read for Cancer. Info on the potential effect of having Saturn in your sign is
always relevant, even if money matters are not your primary concern right now.
Your current run of good fortune shouldn't be denigrated, mainly because
loving Venus and expansive Jupiter are offering opportunities to enjoy more than
a few happy days. However, Lions should be careful that they don't grab
far more than their fair share, especially around the 9th, when grandiose Jupiter
and the gullible Pisces sun form a challenging square.


Remind yourself that the days just before and after the 7th, when your Mercury
ruler turns direct, can be especially tricky. Because the Messenger is changing
direction, no one can be sure which way the cookie will crumble, but crumble it
will. Should you be surrounded by the debris from the sun's merger with
disruptive Uranus, try to delay making a decision you're honor-bound to
stick with. Because their annual conjunction takes place in your Pisces house
of partnerships, the situation will be fluid for a while.


Relax, it's all good. Even with so much going on ?????” some of it seemingly
over the top ?????” you'll be protected. That's because your harmonious
Venus ruler is favorably aligned with both cautious Saturn and enthusiastic Jupiter.
With both hindsight and foresight in your corner, it'll be difficult to
go wrong. Besides, Mercury turning direct in your Aquarius house of creativity
and risk suggests that you've learned the lessons of retrograde and are
ready to move forward with your project. My suggestion: Go slow.


The reasons might not be apparent; nonetheless, March may turn out to be the season
for making lots of money. That's because generous Jupiter, straddling your
house of values and valuables, is rewarding the constructive consistency of Saturn
in your career midheaven as well as your success, via popular Venus, with co-workers
and clients. Don't knock it; the potential for enjoying the fruits of your
labor is enormous. Along with the financial favors, the odds are that Venus, the
flirt, will soon hook up with your sexy Pluto co-ruler.


Like Aries and Leo, the other fire signs, along with Taurus and Libra, you're
due to have a fine old time while your Jupiter ruler forms a rewarding grand trine
with lovable Venus and law-abiding Saturn. Having Saturn's safety valve
during the festivities should keep everyone from going way over the top, something
Centaurs tend to do every chance you get. However, since exuberant Jupiter is
in your sign, there's a danger that you'll call too much attention
to yourself and blow some of the benefits of this beneficial arrangement.


Mercury turning direct in your house of finances and how you feel about them may
clarify a few questions, but while Neptune continues its transit of Aquarius (another
four years), there are bound to be further grounds for confusion. By now, you
should be used to “tenuous and tricky.” Luckily, this month Caps are
in line for a big bonanza from the joint efforts of Venus the Lesser and Jupiter
the Greater Fortune as they trine your upstanding Saturn ruler. Love, good luck
and a healthy dose of happiness. Money? Maybe.


Read for Capricorn and Pisces. Right now, there are a few major events influencing
your thinking. Start with Mercury's impending change of direction in your
sign, which can feel like you've come to a full stop. Follow with a sense
of uncertainty magnified by the sun's meeting with your explosive Uranus
ruler in Pisces, its glyph of two fish headed in opposite directions. Since your
partner might be in a better position chartwise than you, let him or her take
the lead, at least through the new moon/solar eclipse on the 18th.


Happy birthday! Here's my gift: Follow the advice I've strewn throughout
the horoscope. Some signs were affected by the powerful merger of the life-sustaining
sun and unpredictable Uranus in Pisces, the repercussions of which might echo
for a while. The other mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo and Sag, could be thrown by
too much of too many good things when the Pisces sun tests generous Jupiter. Then,
there are the eclipses: the Virgo full moon and the Pisces new moon, which can
affect you for months to come.

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