There's plenty of retrograde Mercury activity affecting
us, so be extra careful while driving (don't space out), using electrical
appliances or writing anything, especially checks. Adding to the confusion the
Messenger spreads when it's in reverse is the second opposition between
nebulous Neptune in Aquarius (where the Internet comes from) and crystalline Saturn
in Leo (where the gold comes from). In the endless debate between faith and facts,
both viewpoints are open to interpretation. Unfortunately, this week Mercury makes
a lousy interpreter.


So much for being the functioning adult in the crowd! That stellar role ends Sunday,
when your Mars ruler crosses from patriarchal Capricorn, the sign of Mars'
exaltation and excellence, into populist Aquarius. However, while magnetic Venus
is in your sign, the folks who are fascinated by you might not notice that anything
is different. Only you know that your desire for control is fading and that you're
willing to share the responsibilities you've assumed. This way, if things
don't work out as planned, the blame won't land on your shoulders


The artistic Bull could receive, better yet retrieve, the information needed when
the creative Pisces sun meets Mercury retrograde. Finding what you're looking
for, e.g., the missing piece of the puzzle, is one of the rare pleasures of retrogression.
Since their meeting takes place in your career zone, chances are you'll
hear something positive about your reputation. Another plus: Mars starts to stir
up action when it enters Aquarius, a fixed sign like your own, and whets your
appetite for adventure.


Subtle connections that tie one reference to another could appear while your retrograde
Mercury ruler retraces the steps it took a few weeks ago. Keep alert for further
developments, because as Mercury accumulates revised information, it can change
your approach to the problems you're dealing with. The final clue might
come from an ex, either in business or in romance, when Pluto in Sagittarius at
the Galactic Core, the center of our Milky Way, and Mercury renew their acquaintance
around the 28th. Nothing blatant or brazen; clandestine Pluto doesn't operate
that way.


If too much attention is being paid to a joint financial matter while retrograde
Mercury and the sun hold another of their interminable conferences, ditch the
discussions and focus instead on the woman or artist who has entered your Aries
career zone. No doubt you'll be intrigued by the presence of Venus, but
will you be sufficiently challenged by what the goddess has to offer? Temptation
comes in many guises, so be sure you're aware of what it is you're
avoiding: the second Saturn-Neptune opposition, an event that affects entire generations.


It only happens every two years, so while macho Mars invades ?????” some would
call it “enlivens” ?????” your Aquarius house of allies and antagonists,
rest assured that your close relationships will get a lot more interesting. There's
an inherent sexiness to Martian energy, even when it's centered on familiar
co-workers and sweaty folks working out. If this is not distraction enough, you
may have to face another dilemma when realistic Saturn in your sign opposes faith-based
Neptune in Aquarius for the second time. Their third and final confrontation:
the summer solstice.


Listen to your best mate. Word from a significant sidekick will help you steer
through the choppy waters of Pisces, the sign that governs your life and business
partnerships. While the sun and your retrograde Mercury ruler come together, a
problem that seemed to be solved a few weeks ago, when your ruling planet was
direct, could raise its scary head once again. A few words from a relative who's
been keeping a secret might help. Do-overs may be tedious business, but while
you're navigating the chaotic Pisces mindset, a Virgin can't be too


The creative, game-playing sector of your life might not be much fun while impressionable,
artistically inclined Neptune is straitjacketed (for the second time) by stern
Saturn in your house of colleagues wielding clout. Despite all the pissing and
moaning, the problem manages to resolve itself in good time. However, if you prefer
to ignore it (?? la Scarlett O'Hara), you can concentrate instead
(as she would) on the beautiful people your vivacious Venus ruler is luring into
your house of marriage prospects. Now, that sounds like fun!


That problematic polarity between delusional Neptune and dour Saturn that is affecting
a lot of signs could be a real drag for Scorpios who have a reputation to maintain.
Retrograde Saturn sitting in your Leo midheaven is not merely restrictive, it
can erode the good will you've built up. On the other hand, Neptune in your
Aquarius house of family roots and real estate is busy creating imaginative solutions
that won't hold water. What can work on your behalf is Mars' unflinching
presence in Aquarius until Good Friday.


Probably the last thing you need during this Mercury retrograde is the Messenger's
merger with the sun in your house of commuting and communication. While their
meeting may give you greater power to mess things up, you could also get a clue
about something that has eluded you. Rather than focus on the minutiae of text-messaging
and voice mail gone awry, why not turn your eye toward the improvements you can
undertake while decorative and acquisitive Venus checks out your digs? How about
an altar for the Fire Pig?


It's primarily the folks with Capricorn rising who are being pressured to
decide whether to back up your Neptunian belief system with your own funds or
to rely on your experienced, reality-based Saturn ruler and, for the time being,
refrain from contributing to any cause. The tug of war between these two forces
can affect the individual as well as an entire culture, and, since neither planet
is moving fast, the dilemma will resurface. Their third and final opposition coincides
with the summer solstice, a major occasion for the winter-born.


Water Bearers born at the very beginning and the tail end of their sun sign are
about to be zapped: the former by muscular Mars crossing over from Capricorn,
the latter by retrograde Mercury inching its inquisitive way back from Pisces.
Aquarians in the middle are either groping their way through a fog or being pressed
to confront a reality they'd rather avoid. By opposing Neptune, Saturn in
your Leo marriage house is insisting (for the second time?) that both partners
lay their cards on the table.


Outrageous fortune (erratic Uranus in Pisces) doesn't fling slings and arrows
at you this week. However, your amorphous Neptune ruler may have ?????” inadvertently,
of course ?????” put you on another firing line. How to explain to “according
to Hoyle” Saturn in royal Leo, no less, that you didn't know what
game you were supposed to be playing, let alone its rules? Since the polarity
between these planets involves your 12th house of karma and cosmic consciousness,
perhaps your present-day predicament is a holdover from a past life?

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