The days leading up to New Year's Eve are fairly calm,
but as soon as Mars makes its presence felt early Sunday morning, it's hellzapoppin'
time. Mystical Neptune also figures into the planetary configuration, so folks
with spiritual aspirations may find themselves both high and highly energized.
Early Tuesday, a favorable sextile between the paternal Capricorn sun and populist
Uranus suggests that something new is on the way. Early Wednesday, the maternal
Cancer full moon fills us with a tender concern for less-fortunate others. Then,
loving Venus skips over to quirky Aquarius, and once again, when it comes to romance,
anything goes. Happy New Year.


Rambunctious Rams might not have an angelic bone in their well-toned bodies, but
this New Year's Eve, even they could attain heavenly heights. Whenever your
Mars ruler finds favor with spiritual, musical Neptune, you can't help but
get high, very high. You also can't help but succumb, more easily than usual,
to Neptune's power to dissolve men's minds. Remember this as you take
another toke, another sip of the elixir of the gods. Don't con yourself
into thinking that you'll keep your resolutions for the coming year, not
while Mars is still prancing through hot-to-trot Sagittarius.


The sensual Taurus moon should smooth your way into a pleasurable and relaxed
weekend; however, come New Year's Eve itself, a Bull could be just as mobile
and chatty as any wired Gemini. That same nervous energy can affect the general
atmosphere during the first full moon of 2007, even though it takes place in Cancer,
a sign that usually brings you comfort and joy. What could also throw you off
stride is your Venus ruler departing stable, earthbound Capricorn for three weeks
facing the wild winds of change that blow through Aquarius.


Who would have guessed that in the opening week of 2007, the main thing on your
mind would be money? Consider this a gift from the full moon in your Cancer house
of assets and values: a clear picture of your financial future and perhaps a glimpse
of the person who'll play a major part in it. This is the year the Twins
attract allies who can affect your fortunes in a big way. Meanwhile, while your
perceptive Mercury ruler tiptoes through status-conscious Capricorn, be especially
cordial to someone who has earned your respect.


If you think it's taking too long to recover from the endless holiday celebrations,
perhaps you're blaming the wrong phenomenon. Maybe it's not the mother
of all New Year's hangovers, maybe it's the Cancer full moon that
is keeping you from returning to a workaday consciousness. For a Moon Child, few
times in the astrological year are as holy or as mystifying as when Luna, your
ruling orb, perfects its polarity with the winter sun. This event occurs early
Wednesday morning, but you might be under its liberating spell as early as Tuesday.


Some Lions will actually undertake a new workout routine; others may discover
an unexplored outlet for their talents. When your life-sustaining sun ruler forms
a positive sextile relationship to innovative Uranus on the 2nd, there's
no telling what activity will capture your fancy. You can solidify your commitment
during the very respectable Capricorn-Cancer full moon the next day. And if you
seem more attached to family than usual, attribute that feeling to the sun's
transit through Capricorn, the entrenched earth sign that represents the father


Between the uplifting vibes on New Year's Eve and the day itself, and the
comfy, cozy feelings generated by the Cancer full moon on Wednesday, there's
precious little reason to do more this week than hang out at home, surrounded
by familiar music and your favorite foods. The right people would be a plus, but
try to avoid the kooks. With the sun and your Mercury ruler in traditional Capricorn,
a compatible earth sign that also appreciates excellent organization, well-made
products and incidental knowledge, you'll find plenty to please you.


The first full moon of the new year occurs on the 3rd in your Cancer midheaven,
the place where your reputation is made. Protect it. Try not to disgrace yourself
by adopting the rebellious attitude your Venus ruler assumes as it makes the transition
out of respectable Capricorn into barrier-breaking Aquarius. While Librans respond
well to intelligent and sociable Aquarius vibes, that homey, maternal Cancer moon
could strike emotional chords you'd rather ignore. However, if there's
a career matter that needs attending to, now is the time to do it. Otherwise,
wait until summer.


As long as imaginative Neptune has already captivated your Mars co-ruler, you
may as well keep that magical mindset going throughout the New Year's weekend.
Pageantry and performance can provoke a greater response this year because Mars
in Sagittarius is exerting a stronger influence on your value system than usual.
In another two years, you might react in a similar manner to Christmas, but not
to the kitschy wonders of the Rose Parade. Adding to this sudden surge of emotionalism
is the tenderhearted Cancer full moon. Enjoy.


Once you begin to approach the Capricorn-Cancer axis, your concerns could easily
center on money: the getting, the giving, the spending, the saving. So by the
time the moon is full in the sign of the Crab on the 3rd, you could have made
up your mind about the direction you're going to take in 2007 regarding
your finances. An opportunity concerning real estate or the family – fourth-house
stuff – might suddenly pop up when the sun favors altruistic, futuristic
Uranus on the 2nd. More info to follow a few days later.


Revel in the power the cosmos is granting you. This is your time to shine, so
fling off that modest Capricorn persona and expose your true self. You are the
natural-born leader of the pack, and, solitary though you may at times choose
to be, you set the tone and the agenda that the troops will follow. They need
to have the benefit of your experience before they can act. And act up they will.
In just two short weeks, Mars (the troops) will be marching through Capricorn.
Better get in shape so you can join the boys. As of the 3rd, the girls (Venus)
will be gone.


It's the artistry of the Aquarian that is being appreciated this week, particularly
by colleagues and fellow club members. So if you need to mend fences with some
people or enlarge your fan base, this would be a good time to make the effort.
With a full moon in nurturing Cancer, everyone will be feeling more maternal,
more forgiving than usual. You also may find a way to forge a slightly more romantic
than merely friendly relationship during this full-moon period. Especially since
embraceable Venus enters your sign on the 3rd.


During this time of year, when the nights seem to flow into each other, Fish may
find themselves and their spirits rising to too many celebratory occasions. None
is more uplifting than the one that occurs on New Year's Eve as energetic
Mars and your impressionable Neptune ruler connect on a variety of levels. Enjoy;
this opportunity-filled sextile won't happen again for another two years.
So if you're offered the job of your dreams, be sure to pinch yourself to
see if you're awake. Pertinent information follows in another day or three.
Wait for it.

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