If you know your ascendant, read it too.

GENERAL FORECAST: By now, two days after it flipped, you should have adjusted to Mercury retrograde in airy Libra and accepted the accompanying annoyances. God knows you had enough warning. Speaking of the deity, Mercury’s trine to spiritual and/or delusional Neptune on Sunday can focus more media attention on matters of faith and fanaticism. The judicious Libra new moon on Monday may inaugurate the process of correcting false impressions, but that could take four weeks, or until Mercury trines Neptune for the third time, for that to happen. Happy Halloween!

ARIES (March 20–April 19)

Since Mercury is inching its way back through your Libra marriage house before it goes direct on Oct. 15, you could effectively use the retrograde to recall and reevaluate partnerships past and present. FYI: You’ve experienced six autumns since this particular phenomenon last took place. Where were you then, where are you now and who is still around? In your trip down memory lane, it would help to include all those Halloweens. Mercury doesn’t leave Libra until November 4. This interlude is a gift, not a pre-election ordeal; enjoy it.

TAURUS (April 20–May 20)

Pleasure? Pain? A novel mixture of both? Mercury retrograde in your Libra house of services rendered by you and those you receive from others (e.g., your chiropractor, veterinarian, hairdresser) can alert you to practices and personnel previously unknown. The trip should also give you downtime to review what works for you, what doesn’t and what holds promise. Along the way, the sociable Libra sun shines its intelligent, well-balanced light on relationships, particularly those with compatible co-workers. Lunch?

GEMINI (May 21–June 20)

Primarily because it’s the first aspect your retrograde Mercury ruler makes are you being alerted to another Mercury-Neptune trine. Illusory Neptune in idiosyncratic Aquarius has been influencing Twins, especially those born in mid-June, since spring. Currently, Neptune is focused on the planets in your Libra house of recreation and romance. However, while the Messenger is in reverse mode, the information it imparts is apt to be misleading. What you learned last weekend when it was still direct could be revised this weekend. Pay attention.

CANCER (June 21–July 22)

Moon Children born in June should prepare to spend the new lunar cycle on family matters and making the house more inviting. Those born in July are off the hook where relatives are concerned; for them the Libra new moon on the 29th may fuel their desire to explore cyberspace. Issues related to school, commuting and communications probably need more attention. However, Mercury, retrograde until October 15, can mess with your plans. It’s okay to surf sites and gather information, not okay to buy anything electronic.

LEO (July 23–August 22)

The timing may seem off because a money matter that many Lions thought was over and done with could return to occupy center stage again. Blame the monthly merger of your sun ruler with the moon for triggering more activity in your financial sphere. However, Lions born in July might be focused on third house action, i.e., the exchange of information, issues regarding mobility, etc., the stuff that Mercury retrograde usually fucks with. Possibly until the Libra new moon reaches fullness in mid-October and then some.

VIRGO (August 23–September 22)

Patience. It may take a while for the momentum to build. Although your recently retrograde Mercury ruler is itching to institute measures to improve your life, you should wait to see what follows from the Libra new moon on the 29th. Spending a few days preparing for an influx of fresh energy and ideas makes sense. Plus, why would an immaculate Virgin begin a project during the balsamic lunar phase if you have stuff on your plate that hasn’t been dealt with? Then there’s the question of how idealistic Neptune is affecting you. Too much, too little?

LIBRA (September 23–October 22)

A new moon in your own sign can provide the incentive to clear the slate and start anew. However, this year Mercury is also in Libra, retrograde until Oct. 15th. So while the annual breath of fresh air is pushing for an initiation, the Messenger may be telling you to slow down, reassess what you already know or look for amended information. More to the point, to wait until Mercury turns direct before taking that first step. This delay would keep you occupied through the Libra sun/Aries full moon opposition on the 14th. Got two weeks to spend in limbo?

SCORPIO (October 23–November 21)

During a week filled with abrupt endings and official beginnings, Scorpions may be able to maintain the status quo. This should be good news since a change that is sprung on you, one you didn’t engineer yourself, is usually not welcome. But if you feel like adapting to the buoyant Libra new moon energy, at least you’ll have the mutually supportive sextile between Mars and Pluto, your co-ruling planets, to ensure that you don’t drift too high or wander too far off course. Plus, this positive aspect can signal the approach of an enjoyable opportunity.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22–December 21)

As harmonious and socially savvy as the annual Libra new moon usually is, this year it may usher in more career-related activities than the Archer is prepared for. Don’t be surprised if you spend the next four weeks shepherding colleagues and business associates through meetings and conferences instead of to concerts and sporting events. Until your freewheeling Jupiter ruler has picked up sufficient speed, i.e., around your birthday, it and you will remain in the not-entirely-negative clutches of pragmatic Saturn in conscientious Virgo.

CAPRICORN (December 22–January 20)

While Sagittarians may feel restrained by Saturn’s sensibility, Capricorns should be thrilled by the good fortune of having expansive Jupiter in their sign. You could also be grateful that your Saturn ruler is keeping the jolly giant from inflating your ego beyond acceptable limits. Imagine what it would be like if smart-alecky Jupiter ran rampant, if Saturn wasn’t holding court in another practical earth sign or if the Libra new moon in your career midheaven didn’t present a challenge you’ll have to rise to, meet and overcome.

AQUARIUS (January 21–February 18)

Attention must be paid, at least until Mercury, the media maven, directs its focus on something other than nebulous but ever so glamorous Neptune in your sign. What was revealed a week ago, during their first trine, could be corrected this weekend during their second hookup. There’s a third trine scheduled for the end of October, two weeks to the day after Mercury in stylish Libra, another friendly air sign, flips from retrograde back to direct. Is it too soon to start planning your Halloween costume? How many times can you change your mind?

PISCES (February 19–March 19)

Read the entire column to catch as many references to your Neptune ruler as possible; it’s one of the potent planetary forces in effect this week. And while some attributes of the gassy planet may be debatable or dubious, even deceitful, Neptune can also deliver such a strong spiritual hit that you find yourself elevated to a higher plane. That it has been dominating your 12th house of cosmic consciousness, and will continue to do so for years to come, is another reason to be awed by its often subtle, sometimes blatant powers.

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