July 25-31, 2008
Friday marks the last quarter of the lunar cycle that began
just before Independence Day. So while we may be able to get some things completed
over the weekend, by the middle of the week we'll be in the “balsamic”
phase, twiddling our collective thumbs and wondering what's next. You might
get a clue when the Leo sun and Mercury meet on Tuesday, so don't dismiss
what seems like just another grandiose, leonine idea. And don't succumb
to the desire on Thursday to sacrifice yourself for a noble cause unless it's
art for art's sake.


Rams, especially those born in March, should be aware that they are in an ideal
position to catch potent rays from the creative Leo sun. Just take care not to
burn too brightly or act too zany. Otherwise, you'll have some “'splainin”
to do. However, with literate Mercury in Leo also supporting those early Aries
planets, the gift of gab is at your disposal. No Ram should ignore the bona fide
ideas beamed to them during the latest merger of the sun and the Messenger that's
taking place in your fun, games and entertainment zone.


Bulls who have been busy working on the house could become carried away by the
aesthetic heights they'll reach while beauty-conscious Venus ruler forms
a polarity with imaginative Neptune as July ends. Those who have been refining
their career goals may be tempted to chuck current assignments and devote themselves
the pleasures of home, garden and backyard pool. However, even if you manage to
avoid the dilemma generated by this planetary opposition, you could still come
dangerously close to acting like a “fool for love.”


Neighbors can be more interesting, possibly more influential, than they usually
are. Might they offer something, such as an invitation to a popular event, you
want to be part of? Perhaps you'll find your latest BFF online? Or could
a sibling say the right thing at the right time and re-establish his or her place
in your heart? While your Mercury ruler is empowered by its conjunction with the
life-giving sun, a phenomenon that happens about four times a year, you are golden,
particularly when they meet in Leo.


“The fickle finger of fate, having writ, moves on.” By now, Mercury,
the cosmic author, has moved onto your Leo house of the money you earn and the
values you hold dear. Since the Messenger will merge with the sun on Tuesday,
try to pay attention to all financial matters, trivial or not, that come up this
week, as well as to the thoughts you have about them. Just remember that the Leo
vibe tends to be extravagant, dramatic and self-centered. But if you are not comfortable
with that mindset, you'll be better off biding your time.


With Madonna as our shiny example, it's obvious that a Lion isn't
admired for its literary skill as much as for the powerful performances it can
deliver. Nonetheless, this week — while verbal Mercury joins your sun ruler
— it'll be easy to express in words what is brimming over in your
heart. Don't let this excellent opportunity slip by. Although the conjunction
occurs three to four times a year, it's been a while since it took place
in Leo. Mercury also serves as a channel for those “genius” ideas.


The urge to contribute to the general welfare, to attend or perhaps to host a
charity event or to spend quality time with the sick or infirm, springs from idealistic
Neptune in your Aquarius house of service, the area Virgo typically governs. This
week, that urge is augmented by Venus' desire to spread goodwill and decent-quality
stuff among the needy. Since your Mercury ruler is particularly powerful, thanks
to its merger with the life-supporting sun, you might also have the opportunity
to express your feelings with warm words, as well as admirable deeds.


Romance is rarely far from a lovable Libra's thoughts; however, there may
be times when it dominates everything else. This week, while your Venus ruler
is being bathed in Neptune's exquisite aura, is one of them. Before you
succumb to the fantasies you're creating in your mind, tell yourself that
the annual opposition of these highly suggestible energy fields tends to transport
you over the top. So rather than swoon or throw yourself at someone's well-shod
feet, take a deep breath and a step back, and try to regain your equilibrium.


There's a stellar feel about this weekend. Perhaps it's coming from
the bright lights at the top of your chart, made more lustrous during the sun's
merger with Mercury in your Leo career zone. Is something special going on with
your boss, or is a family member performing? Maybe it's the sweet smell
of success that friends and associates get a whiff of when they recognize the
growth potential of an online business venture? Who's the voice of experience
offering advice — and is it free or will you wind up paying through the


Sometimes the best thing an Archer can do is let go of preconceptions and invite
sociable Venus to have her way with you. While the goddess of love and beauty
visits your Leo house of higher aspirations and lifelong goals, she might gather
a few happy souls together to show what you could create as a group. Maybe nothing
more consequential than a great party — or maybe you'll plan the itinerary
for a trip abroad? Along the way, Venus can also pluck at your heartstrings by
dangling the prospect of a romantic encounter with a poet or musician.


The chances of getting your hands on Other People's Money should improve
considerably when the sun and well-spoken Mercury meet regal Leo, the sign in
charge of mutual resources and the values you share. Because there's rarely
anything small-time or skimpy about the Lion, go ahead and ask for more of whatever
you think you need. Otherwise, you're liable to fall into “martyr
mode” next Thursday, when Venus confronts idealistic Neptune in your house
of personal finances. One pang of self-sacrifice could defeat your purposes.


Clear-headed Aquarians are smart enough to dissect the attractions offered by
seductive Venus as she wends her way through the Leo marriage house. As long as
you remind yourself that impressionable Neptune is still in your sign and that
the planet of sand and fog tends to dissolve boundaries, you might make it through
the week without a crisis of consciousness. A matter of faith could also come
into question. Artists, however, may see the seasonal challenges as an opportunity
to excel in their chosen medium.


The “miracle” I've been promising is the same by-now-familiar
sense of completion you experience whenever your impressionable Neptune ruler
reacts to the varieties of affection Venus bestows while passing through your
Leo house of service. One summer the goddess might placate you with the love of
a good puppy, another time with a clean bill of health. Just know that Venus is
in the vanguard, and that the cheerful Leo sun and Mercury are on deck with other
benefits to offer. They can also press some artistic buttons.

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