July 11-17, 2008
Although the damage inflicted by the Mars-Saturn conjunction
may have peaked by Thursday, there's a chance that the aftermath might be
constructive. And since Mercury has finally finished its extended transit of Gemini,
you could be thinking more with your heart and soul, qualities of the caring Crab.
On Saturday Venus starts her vacation in luxurious Leo, three plus weeks of fun,
frolic and ego gratification. A good time to take yours. Rebels, reformers and
libertarians are encouraged to do their “thing” on Monday while the
Cancer sun rewards Uranus in Pisces. Power to the people!


Rams born in March may notice that they are finally free of the Mercury retrograde
hassles now that the Messenger has crossed into Cancer. Rams born in April are
still playing host to the little guy since it continues to transit your third
house of communication and commuting. A bit more patience might be necessary before
the phone line is clear of static and the delivery arrives at the door. Starting
this weekend, every Aries can enjoy the pleasure of having Venus in luxurious
Leo, a friendly fire sign that knows how to have a good time.


Anticipate more bizarre behavior from your buddies as they become more inventive.
The annual trine aspect between the Cancer sun and Uranus in the sign of the Fish
accentuates the individuality of each of those characters. Put them in a group
and you'll be amazed at what they'll create for your and/or their
amusement. Despite the high cost of gas, a road trip (the sun is in your third
house) is worth considering. It could be the answer to whatever problem the difficult
Mars-Saturn conjunction is causing at home or with a loved one.


The future is now. If you've been stuck in the past, unable to shake the
sense that history is repeating itself, blame your Mercury ruler for spending
so much time, much of it retrograde, in Gemini. Now that the Messenger is in Cancer,
the news it conveys could be brand-new, or new enough to engage your interest.
By Tuesday, when Mercury aligns with take-action Mars, you might be sufficiently
prepared to make the first move. Helping you decide: a rewarding trine from innovative
Uranus in your career house to the Cancer sun in your money house.


Easy come, easy go. Entering your sign as we speak, verbal Mercury, encouraging
you to articulate your feelings, especially those that can leave you bereft when
desirable Venus exits Cancer on Saturday. While the trade-off might not be to
your liking — Who doesn't like being loved? — the addition of
logical Mercury, even when it's in an emotional sign like yours, will help
you address the problem exacerbated by Mars' merger with Saturn. For some
Moon Children: car trouble; for others: the crash of an expensive electronic device.


Lions born in July get a big boost in popularity — as if they need it —
while lovable Venus makes her debut in your sign this weekend. Eventually everyone
will benefit from the goddess' presence since she'll be bestowing
blessings until August 5. Because it falls under murky 12th-house business, when
your sun ruler trines unpredictable Uranus on Monday, you might not know why you
suddenly have access to somebody else's resources, a.k.a. “other people's
money.” For some, it could be karmic payback; for others, another sweet
mystery of life.


A good deal of how this week will play out depends on how much more organized
you've become while systematic Saturn has been transiting your pragmatic
earth sign. The meeting between the experienced general and Mars, the gung-ho
soldier, on the 10th could lead to a bold, well-constructed plan or a mish-mash
of a disaster. If eager Mars flashes a green light while Saturn puts up a stop
sign, more than confusion will ensue. But if you combine the two forces, you can
accomplish whatever you set out to do. Don't be too hasty.


Summertime fun begins in earnest when your Venus ruler leaves sentimental, family-centric
Cancer for playful Leo on Saturday. While the goddess dances through the sign
of self-expression, it'll be easy to let your creative juices flow freely,
also a lot easier to show off beyond the limits set by Libran propriety. Although
you might no longer be in the mood for it, there's an outside chance that
one of your career accomplishments is about to receive recognition, if not by
the public at large, then by co-workers or other animal lovers.


It's primarily Scorps born in mid-November who are likely to receive significant
benefits from the Cancer sun's rewarding trine to eclectic Uranus in late
Pisces. They should be willing to try something new, especially when making music,
playing in water or chasing after an atypical (for them) romantic prospect. But
if you're not one of the chosen few, you could still have an interesting
time this weekend by heading out to an unfamiliar location, cooking with exotic
ingredients or betting on a long shot. Break out of your rut.


A disconcerting situation taking place where you or a close relative resides,
i.e., Uranus in your Pisces home base, attracts compassionate concern this week
from the Cancer sun. Whether other resources are offered, such as a lump sum of
money, depends in part on how rattled you appear. Sometimes a cup of tea and a
few cookies will suffice; sometimes you need to leave the scene as quickly as
possible. Either way, the positive effect of this rewarding connection won't
last long. Use it or lose it.


Get out of the way. You could be your own worst enemy right now, torn between
taking a risk as aggressive Mars urges or staying the course as your prudent Saturn
ruler advises. The merger of these two powerful energy fields can fry your brains
or devise a workable plan, such as how to get your mitts on other people's
money. Meanwhile, the life-affirming sun in your Cancer marriage house may resolve
the dilemma by springing a helluva surprise when it perfects a rewarding trine
to electromagnetic Uranus. At that point, why not go with the flow?


Nothing monumental, but if you sense that the fickle finger of fate is pointing
at you, you're on the right track. Instead of an event that may or may not
involve you, you're more likely to receive information concerning a partnership
matter and/or joint resources. Constructive information at that! The kind you
can use to build your case on. Although there doesn't seem to be any legal
ramifications, during the summer, when planets congregate on the opposite side
of your chart, you can't help but confront more “them v. me”


No matter what else is going with your job, your partner or your health, Fish
should concentrate on the goodies they're getting while the Cancer sun nurtures
your natal Pisces planets. The rewarding trine on Monday from Sol in your house
of pure love and creativity to original Uranus in your sign can also bring out
the distinguishing qualities that make you you. Should a touch of eccentricity
be among them, so be it. And if you need the helping hand of a loved one, a playmate
or teacher, this would be a good time to ask.

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