June 27-July 3, 2008
Nothing lasts. Keep this in mind as you react to the surprises
Uranus comes up with when it goes retrograde on the 26th for the summer and autumn.
What'll happen to “Change we can believe in?” Not until the
November election is history will the planet of progress face forward again, something
we hope to give thanks for on Thanksgiving. For now, use the Cancer new moon on
the 2nd to set your agenda for the next four weeks in order.


Get in shape. Right now your powers of regeneration are impressive, so if there's
something physical or emotional that needs fixing, plan on accomplishing it over
the next seven weeks. While your Mars ruler transits through pragmatic Virgo,
not only will you have consistency on your side, you should be able to elicit
a respected elder's help for your cause. Just don't turn the project
into a do-or-die crusade. Meanwhile, keep an eye on what it's costing you
to mend fences between feuding family members.


It might not make that big a difference, but you should be aware that the planets
affecting your professional life have all gone retrograde for the summer. If ever
a laconic Bull needed a valid reason to stop and smell the roses as well as the
Coppertone, feel free to use that one. Meanwhile, you'll probably rely on
your luxury-loving Venus ruler to keep you motivated, especially when the goddess
confronts overly-optimistic Jupiter during the July Fourth weekend. Fight the
urge to hop a plane to Vegas and you'll be none the poorer.


It's a once-a-year event that, despite all that's going on in your
head, the Twins shouldn't ignore. The new moon in your Cancer house of values
and valuables marks the beginning of a fresh approach to at least one money matter,
perhaps to more. Make a note and see how you handle what follows from Wednesday's
meeting of the sun and moon. By the time your Mercury ruler arrives at that same
degree, 12 Cancer, around the full moon, there could be an established pattern,
a comfortable response to the question, “Who's paying for this?”


No sign is as regulated by the movements of the moon as yours is. So when your
ruling luminary meets the sun in your sign, as it will on Wednesday, pay close
attention to what's happening, and also trust your gut to tell you what's
coming next. The stomach is one of the body parts that cautious Cancer governs,
the breast the other; together they nourish both body and soul. However, if you're
willing to test the extent of your various hungers, then follow where pleasure-seeking
Venus leads that night when she challenges extravagant Jupiter in your Capricorn


One more display of leonine leadership before courageous Mars decamps for Virgo.
While the red planet forms a mutually rewarding trine with powerful Pluto in your
house of recreation and risk, dare to do something you normally wouldn't.
Well, not until later in the summer when first romantic Venus and then, as solar
Leo ends, your sun ruler receive support from resolute Pluto. Also, before the
Independence Day holiday gets underway, don't stretch yourself thin by offering
your services to an organization that doesn't need them.


Virgins, e.g., John McCain, born in the last week of August have to deal with
the restrictions stern Saturn has been laying on your shoulders. Sapping your
vitality while the planet of decrepitude is sitting on your sun? Perhaps the governor
of government is adding respect for your life experience or is it for toeing the
“official” line? However, fools for love could have a memorable holiday
weekend if they give affectionate Venus in your house of friends and enthusiastic
Jupiter, the two planets that bestow blessings, free rein.


This week you'll have permission to ask the universe for far more than what
is considered “customary and reasonable.” Whether you'll be
stressed out when your Venus ruler confronts Jupiter's excesses depends
on how grandiose a July Fourth celebration you plan, also how your gig could be
affected. Will you be cutting out of work too early, snubbing an important client
or padding the guest list? However, by stepping out of character, by doing the
unexpected, you're bound to enhance your reputation as a trendsetter.


The last hurrah sounds this weekend while Mars and Pluto, your co-ruling planets
perfect their favorable trine. Instead of waiting for the Fourth to make a joyful
noise, get on the bandwagon early, before Mars leaves cheerful Leo for Virgo on
the 1st. Even if you're not sure where it'll be coming from, there's
money heading your way. Which is a good thing, because an exuberant Venus-Jupiter
opposition could result in you paying for an expensive ticket out of town, if
not for yourself, then for a relative who promises to return the favor.


Other signs may pay dearly for the excesses foisted upon them when sociable Venus
tests the generosity of your Jupiter ruler, but only the Centaur is in a position
to be bled dry. Jupiter transiting your Capricorn money house this year should
have made you more fiscally conservative, more responsible for your precious possessions.
However, a momentary lapse, a desire to please a somewhat significant other (not
another mortgage broker) could wind up costing much more than you figured. Until
the Fourth is history, go slow.


If the weekend doesn't get off to a smooth start, chances are you're
feeling the effects of Uranus turning retrograde in your house of commuting and
communicating. Bear with the interruptions, ride out the rough spots and before
Sunday night, the “nothing significant” balsamic lunar phase will
be upon us. Then bide your time until the Cancer new moon Wednesday evening introduces
something new to focus your attention on or, more to the point, worry about. Since
the lunation is in the sign of the Crab, it'll probably be your partner.


Feel like giving more than you're getting? If the urge to serve becomes
overwhelming, an Aquarian humanitarian can simply gather a bag of stuff destined
for the yard sale and donate it to charity. With your Uranus ruler turning retrograde
in your Pisces house of values and valuables, you might not collect as much cash
as you anticipated anyway. Before the week is over, the Cancer new moon could
bring a new player for your team or, especially if you were born in January, introduce
a new dietary plan. Nurturing Crab and food go hand in hand.


Unpredictable Uranus in your sign does an about face on the 26th, however this
turnaround can reverberate throughout the weekend. You might experience a genuine
role reversal during the transition or just be thrown for a loop, unprepared for
what comes next. Thankfully, the compassionate Cancer new moon on Wednesday inaugurates
a new lunar cycle; that it occurs in your house of true love, entertainment and
recreation is something to look forward to. Especially if you want to get pregnant.

LA Weekly