April 4 – 10, 2008
“Do the research” Mercury makes sure there'll
be more revelations, as well as endless commentary, when it challenges “sweep
it under the rug” Pluto on Thursday. Thankfully, the independent Aries new
moon on Saturday could clear the stale air and offer a new topic for discussion,
perhaps a new crusade to adopt as well. Venus drops the martyr's hair shirt
she wore while transiting Pisces and dons Aries' shiny armor that night.
She's so fighting mad, the first thing the goddess does Sunday is launch
an attack on Pluto and its nasty bits. FYI: Pluto is retrograde from 4/2 to 9/8.


Not only will the annual new moon in your sign draw attention to you personally,
but sociable Venus' entrance into Aries Saturday night will increase your
popularity. Your first order of business: Get rid of the skeletons and souvenirs
lurking in your closet to make room for something new. Next, prepare an acceptance
speech of sorts; you're about to be recognized by knowledgeable and prosperous
people, thanks to Jupiter in your career zone. Although it may cost a pretty penny
now, the ambitious Ram will kick itself later if it turns this opportunity down.


The weeks before solar Taurus begins may seem hazy and lack a sense of purpose.
Before you berate your productive self for not accomplishing what you intended,
take a moment to appreciate what the solar 12th house is for. It's the place
where you connect to the cosmos by letting the ties to your daily consciousness
dissolve, where you're offered refreshment and restoration of mind and soul.
Body, not so much. The process starts this weekend with the Aries new moon and
your Venus ruler's foray into that spiritually curious fire sign.


The whole truth and nothing but the truth, please. Now that your Mercury ruler
is emboldening you while it transits courageous Aries, why not ask a significant
other about the Plutonic secret that's being kept? Must you wait until September,
when Pluto in your marriage house is direct again, to find out? It's possible
that the Aries new moon can set a new course for you to follow, but more likely
it'll be a ballsy colleague who'll press for a response and, expensive
though it may turn out to be, succeed in getting it.


Put the petty worries of the world behind you. A brand-new cycle begins Saturday
with the Aries new moon in your midheaven, the area where your career and reputation
are made. For an untutored Moon Child, nothing has a stronger impact, astrologically
speaking, than the realization that lunar cycles exert a powerful effect and that
you're usually better off when you accept the natural order of things. Feel
free to resist the knowledge; however, if you track the events that follow this
particular lunation, you'll see for yourself.


The Aries new moon this weekend highlights your ninth house of foreign cultures
and higher education, so don't be surprised if you spend time checking out
the travel section of the Sunday paper. Whether it's an unusual deal or
an unusual destination, you're likely to pounce with leonine enthusiasm,
especially if food is featured. The square aspect between your sun ruler in athletic
Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn can intensify other interests, e.g., a desire to
climb a mountain or to attend the Olympics, but chances are exotic meals will
be a key attraction.


A fresh idea doesn't often arrive in time to resolve a moldy money matter.
But this weekend, the high-spirited Aries new moon might do just that, especially
if it involves taxes or investments. While you might not feel grateful just yet,
having fortunate and farsighted Jupiter in your house of risk could eventually
save the day. Also, having a bold financial adviser wouldn't hurt. If all
this derring-do is a bit much for a circumspect Virgin, don't fret. Only
one more week of hijinks before your Mercury ruler lands you safely in down-to-earth


Let bygones be bygones. A lot can change over the weekend as the Aries new moon
introduces a new element to a partnership arrangement. Because your Venus ruler
is abandoning its “pity me” Pisces position, you may become fascinated
by a significant other and more willing to partake in his or her adventure. Actually,
the “other” doesn't have to be that significant, but the adventure
had better be appealing. Also consider holding a neighborhood yard sale and getting
rid of stuff you've absolutely, positively, without a doubt outgrown. The
time is ripe.


A little birdie may whisper its suspicions in your ear, but you might not listen
until its message is confirmed with one of those semiscandalous pictures worth
a thousand words. How many dollars' worth is yet to be determined. Who plays
the payer whom the payee depends on, how blatantly Venus comes on to your Pluto
co-ruler this weekend and how loudly your Mars co-ruler squawks. Since Pluto will
be retrograde from April 2 to September 8, you don't have to take threats
to your financial well-being to heart, unless they also affect the neighbors.


This week's fiery Arian activity — the sun-and-moon merger, plus the
Mercury and Venus transits — is practically guaranteed to spark interest
in two important areas of your life: romance and recreation. And while action
in one doesn't preclude action in the other, chances are you'll make
more of an effort if making out is part of the game plan. Venus' transit
through your house of pure, unadulterated (doesn't mean nonadulterous) love
ends when the month ends, so don't waste time playing hard to get.


Less involvement with the neighbors, more with the family. The further into solar
Aries we progress, the stronger your ties to the relatives. Mutual dependency?
A greater sense of entitlement? Once the Aries new moon inaugurates the next chapter
in “A Family Affair,” your ongoing saga, it should become obvious
what you'll need from each other. Just remember that enthusiastic Jupiter
is in your sign this year and that it's your turn to be the cheerleader
for the team. You also have the foresight to see what may be waiting at the end
of the road trip generous Jupiter sent you on.


Some Aquarians are waiting for a sign from Saturday's Aries new moon before
they deal with a muddled money matter. But those born in January could be ready
to search for new information on their own. It's their third house of education,
communication and transportation that's being activated during this lunation.
Should a sibling sneak into the picture, so be it; that's the area they
spring from too. All this upbeat Aries activity can be a boon, since it offers
opportunities without the attendant anxieties.


If you're into recycling, then Pluto turning retrograde at the top of your
solar chart, where your reputation is either made or ruined, could affect what
you do and when you do it. The planet of rehab and reconstruction will be in reverse
until September 8, back in Sagittarius as of Father's Day weekend. So don't
be surprised if you experience some of what was happening during December and
January again. One step forward, two steps back; progress is slow and unsteady.
For the others, a bold approach regarding assets and acquisitions.

LA Weekly