March 21-27, 2008
The vernal equinox late Wednesday and early Thursday, followed
by the Aries/Libra full moon, Purim and Good Friday, sets us up for an unusually
happy Easter celebration. What's the secret ingredient this year? The conjunction
of eloquent Mercury and loving Venus in the sign of the Fish. The fact that the
marriage-minded Libra moon is void from early morning until after dinner Sunday
night suggests that the disagreement you get into that day won't have serious
consequences. Hope, like spring, springs eternal.


An early Easter, coming close on the heels of the vernal equinox, plus the Aries/Libra
full moon, adds up to quite a festive weekend. Although you may feel obliged to
host a celebration, remind yourself that the pressure could be self-inflicted.
Because your Mars ruler is in Cancer, the sign of a dream kitchen, you're
likely to be more house-proud and food-friendly than usual. But even if you decide
to renege on or cancel the event, no one will be pissed. This week, the vibes
are so benign, so forgiving, so befitting a joyful holiday.


There have been times during your Venus ruler's annual transit through picturesque
Pisces when you're so willing to go with the flow that you forget where
you were headed in the first place. The thrill of an unlikely romance, the tricks
you've mastered for surviving the inevitable storm — you know the
routine. But that's not what happens in 2008. This year, you've got
a friend or two or three who'll help you steer clear of the emotional upheaval.
Mercury provides memory and reason; Jupiter, good luck and happy times; and Uranus,
the delight of discovery.


It might not seem like a big deal, but your Mercury ruler's merger with
affable Venus this weekend places you in an enviable position. Not only might
you get good reviews for your contribution to the community (organizing an Easter
egg hunt?), but the work you've recently done could also elicit plaudits
and praise. An opportunity you didn't expect might come your way, courtesy
of people who are wealthier and better-connected than you. Or you could come up
with an innovative idea that'll redefine your job description.


Crabs are riding on such an even keel right now that unless your birthday falls
near the Gemini cusp, it won't help to know that the Aries sun could unleash
the demon dwelling deep in the recesses of your partner's soul. Secretive
Pluto in your Capricorn complement may have a sizable debt to settle, but that's
not about to happen for a while. Concentrate instead on the Libra full moon and
whatever peaceful overtures it presents this weekend. Mid-July Cancerians might
receive an unexpected gift from a wise old soul, not the Easter Bunny.


A certain amount of discomfort may be involved; nevertheless, it could be worth
your while to pursue a financial matter you didn't originate. Should you
need to fudge the truth a bit, this would be the week to do it. While Mercury
and Venus in Pisces pool their talents, you'll be perceived as being knowledgeable,
charming and believable. Plus, what you discover from this ruse could turn out
to be a welcome surprise. However, be prepared to deal with a loved one who is
determined to call the shots for you both.


Who is the more lovable creature this weekend? You or your mate? And whom should
we take seriously? Unless you're donning bunny ears and hopping around the
house, the Virgin wins hands down. But if your spouse is a Fish, then the competition
for “sweetest and/or silliest” might be a draw. Blame or thank your
Mercury ruler for hooking up with adorable Venus in Pisces and trading on some
of the goddess's charms. This is also the week when you can impress your
audience with imaginative visuals and prize-worthy verse.


The full moon in your sign might not reveal as much as you thought it would; not
to worry, you won't be left totally in the dark. That's because curious
Mercury is as close to your Venus ruler as the little guy can get. You're
bound to learn something from their conjunction, but will it be the whole truth
and nothing but? Since both planets are cavorting through Pisces' vivid
world of make-believe, there's no guarantee that what you discover will
reflect “reality” as you know it. Could it concern the family's
good fortune?


A hassle over Easter eggs or your nest egg? It'll take some time before
anything significant develops, but having your Pluto co-ruler in your house of
values is a positive placement. Because Pluto advances so slowly, you need to
be patient; it'll take time to reap those benefits. Until then, remember
to keep your precious goods in good repair. This week, look for a surprise in
your Pisces house of creativity and recreation, a keepsake from the joyful wedding
of speechmaking Mercury and sensual Venus.


Close your eyes and wait for the word “Surprise!” There are a bunch
of delights headed your way as artistic Venus adds her list of benefits to those
of your Jupiter ruler. Plus some intellectual rewards next Thursday, when Mercury
makes contact. But the best of the lot is the first of three opportunities you'll
get this year from the supportive sextile between Jupiter in your Capricorn house
of assets and innovative Uranus in your Pisces home base. It could range from
the small, e.g., an original drawing, to the significant, e.g., an unusual real
estate deal.


Read for Sagittarius. This is another week in which your signs have more in common
than not. That's because three planets are focused on expansive Jupiter
in your sign. And while real estate might not be involved, you can benefit by
simply relating to your neighbors and the neighborhood, the area of your solar
chart that Pisces governs. That's also the area where you connect with an
online community, so if you need to share something with those folks, this would
be the ideal week to get going. Expect startling results in May and November.


“And the walls came tumbling down.” That's the function of your
Uranus ruler, the force that destroys what has outlived its usefulness so that
something better, more relevant, can replace it. The last major aspect Uranus
was involved in was its conjunction with the Pisces sun the weekend we turned
the clocks ahead. How did you fare? The next significant tie is a favorable sextile
with lucky Jupiter on the 28th, preceded by happy, but fleeting, meetings with
Mercury (for brilliant ideas) and Venus (for brilliant lovemaking).


In the old days, before synthetic opiates, photography and the “rebel yell,”
Jupiter, not Neptune (discovered in 1846), was the planet governing your sign.
Since nothing much is going on with the watery deity this week, cast your lot
with the jolly giant instead. Jupiter in Capricorn represents the colleagues,
perhaps even an entire organization, that'll respond to and reward the power
of personality emanating from you. Thanks to magnetic Venus and know-it-all Mercury
conjoined in Pisces, you're more appealing (cosmically speaking) than you've
been in a while.

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