Feb. 29-March 6, 2008
Happy leap year. Make a wish. Militant Mars re-entering Cancer
on the 4th could have an impact on voters in Texas and Ohio. Check below to see
if you'll be affected as much as the candidates with Scorpio rising, Obama
we know for sure, Clinton a definite maybe. Not much else is shaking, except a
dreamlike conjunction between desirable Venus and visionary Neptune in altruistic
Aquarius on the 6th, as romantic a hookup as they come.


Seems like old times? Only if you're nostalgic for what was happening at
the end of September, the first time your Mars ruler crossed from mobile Gemini
to maternal Cancer. Or perhaps you're longing for another New Year's
Eve experience, which is when retrograde Mars backtracked across that contradictory
cusp. The third and final (for another two years) transition occurs on the 4th;
however, you might not be in a welcoming mood until Mars blazes a brand-new path
for you a month from now. How about clearing some space for what's coming


There are times when the Bull poses as the poster child for practicality, and
then there are a few times in the course of a year when your artistic nature oozes
all over the place. This is the time to go for the glamour shot, get the head-to-toe
makeover and perform the spectacular musical number you've been rehearsing
in your head. While your romantic, magnetic Venus ruler merges with imaginative
Neptune in tech-savvy Aquarius, you won't need to audition. An online appearance
can show the world how talented, how desirable you really are.


It's mainly the Twins born in mid-June who've been jerked around during
Mars' biannual trip through your sign. After the red planet left Gemini
in September, the urge to take immediate action and change the course you were
on may have waned. But after Mr. Macho went into reverse and re-entered your sign
at New Year's, the desire to do something drastic returned. Good news: Mars
is no longer attacking and/or refining the image of yourself that you'd
like to present. It leaves Gemini on March 4 not to return until July 2009.


It's not going to last forever, so make the most of Mars' transit
through your sign from March 4 to May 9. Schedule dental surgery, a tummy tuck,
Botox shots, or whatever physical flaw can be fixed with a needle, knife and acid
peel. Once Mars moves on to Leo, that window of opportunity shuts down for another
two years. If your outward appearance is okay, but your mental state needs tweaking,
the Pisces new moon on the 7th would be an excellent time for a Moon Child to
travel to a place you've never been, to open your mind.


There's more to the Leo-Pisces connection than the feline's compunction
to catch, toy with and devour fish. Lions get another shot at figuring out what
that attraction is once the Pisces sun/moon conjunction on the 7th provides an
opportunity to explore the places Fish are currently hanging out, e.g., the bank
or the bedroom. Just be prepared to be stunned when your sun ruler runs into erratic,
often erotic Uranus that weekend. Theirs is the kind of encounter that has been
known to make the “earth move.” Pray it's not the “Big


Sooner than expected, the unexpected. Whenever there's significant planetary
activity in your Pisces house of partners, the diligent Virgin should remember
that it's high time to seek shelter from the approaching storm. That's
because unpredictable Uranus, moored for the past four years in that emotional
water sign, blows hot and cold, but either way, blow it will. Try to walk softly
until the collision scheduled for the 8th occurs, and carry a big stick so you
can ward off the flak heading your way during the eruption. A survival kit couldn't


It's a matter of focus. Will you choose to concentrate on the fantasy you
envision happening while your agreeable Venus ruler embraces idealistic Neptune
in your Aquarius house of romance and recreation? Say, a picture-perfect ski weekend?
Or will you rise to the challenge a co-worker is laying on your desktop and come
up with a brilliant, inventive solution? My money is on the fun-and-games alternative;
however, at the moment, Libra is full of surprises, a major one being your reluctance
to maintain a balance between work and play.


It's not the first time you'll confront your ambivalence, but it could
well be the last, at least for the next two years. The third challenging opposition
in the past six months between your co-ruling planets takes place this week. Only
this time, Pluto is in constructive Capricorn, not pontificating Sagittarius,
and Mars is in family-centered Cancer, not in flighty Gemini. You're apt
to overreact when you realize you're at cross-purposes again, but with a
bit more patience, the situation will work out satisfactorily.


Keep those sensors tuned for an early warning sign. Whether it'll come at
you like a bolt from the blue or you sense it building ever so slowly, step by
constructive step, Centaurs are in for something that could be construed as a
gift from the gods. It all depends on what your growth-oriented Jupiter ruler
points you toward when it favors independent Uranus next week. If you put out
the word that you're looking to make a significant change, your message
may come across as a plea for financial aid. Try to be clear; think before you


Read for Sagittarius. In some way that's not readily apparent, your signs
are tied together this month. Since prescient Jupiter is in Capricorn, you're
likely to be the one who'll take the lead or be first to see what's
coming. Pay particular attention to what flows from the Pisces new moon on the
7th and the sun's conjunction with inventive Uranus. No matter how “out
there” the ideas you originate may seem, now isn't an appropriate
time to play the typical Cap conservative role. Whose interests are you protecting?


“Creative accounting” is one way to describe the effect innovative
Uranus in your Pisces money house has on your checkbook. Shortly after the annual
Pisces sun-moon conjunction re-energizes your ruling planet, you may discover
another way to utilize its power to dazzle. Look for a nontraditional approach
to acquiring something you want quite badly. Then mention it to a few imaginative
folks and see what happens. There's no telling what sort of miracle will
materialize when mystical Neptune in your sign works its magic.


If you want your birthday wish to take effect sooner rather than later, use the
Pisces new moon on the 7th to make some potent new-moon magic. That's the
optimum time to initiate something that resonates deep within you, even a desire
you can't quite verbalize. Since there's so much planetary energy
emanating from both your idealistic Neptune ruler and altruistic Uranus in your
sign, you don't have to restrict your wish to the realm of reality. “World
peace” may be too vague, but something personal yet equally unattainable
could work.

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