Oh, that Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times! Up and down, dazed
and confused. A semblance of stability as the Scorpio sun supports paternal
Saturn in maternal Cancer. Chalk one up for family values. Then Venus, the temptress,
squares Saturn late Friday night. You can't always get what you want, or
what you need, either. Mercury and Pluto gang up in Sagittarius on Saturday
to reveal something crucial that'll reverberate throughout Mercury's
upcoming retrogression; it starts on the 30th. On Sunday, the sun enters Sagittarius;
Venus sashays into Scorpio on Monday. Tuesday might be relatively eventless
if the disruptive square between the sun and erratic Uranus, exact on Wednesday
as you head out to the airport, doesn't do its dangerous thing early. Wednesday
also comes with a highly erotic Venus-Uranus trine. Anyone for the mile-high
club? Thursday is Thanksgiving, and next Friday the schizy Gemini-full-moon


With your Mars ruler burrowing through suspicious Scorpio for another month,
you may turn inward to nurse a grudge and plan your revenge. Hopefully, come
Sunday, the fire-sign-friendly Sagittarius sun will lift your spirits and cast
a more favorable light on a mutual money matter or something else you value.
And while finances are not the be-all and end-all, this time of year, as the
moon waxes full in your house of assets, they tend to demand your full attention.
Where's the prosperous partner that Jupiter in your marriage house promised?


Home for the Thanksgiving holiday may sound appealing, but the havoc created
during the sun-Uranus square next Wednesday might turn a pleasant surprise into
a disruptive situation. However, even if you're stuck at the airport, there's
a good chance you'll find the “Who would have guessed?” love
of your life in line with you. Venus, your affectionate ruling planet, is favored
by Uranus that day, so anything amorous can, and probably will, happen. Consider
it a reward for enduring frustration, fear or whatever else stern Saturn brings
to bear this weekend.


Steel yourself for a revelation. While your Mercury ruler merges with secretive
Pluto this weekend, something buried deep in your partner's psychological
stew could bubble to the surface. If you're going to poke around –
now would be an opportune time to do so – concentrate on early childhood
experiences. A colleague can do something that shakes up a bunch of assumptions
you and other people in the workplace hold dear. Shock and awe, indeed! Plus,
the closer we get to Thanksgiving, the more vulnerable you may feel. Blame the
Gemini full moon or Mom?


Opt for some peace and quiet this weekend while the simpatico Scorpio sun rewards
sensible Saturn in your sign. But if you still harbor visions of an elaborate
Thanksgiving feast, know in advance that tradition-bound Saturn will insist
on soup-to-nuts thoroughness and hard work. Besides, natives born in June could
be distracted by a romantic encounter that'll direct their appetites toward
fun and frolicking instead of food and family. A dualistic Gemini full moon
next weekend presents too many options for comfort.


Since November is when neighbors, school friends, siblings, cousins and the
like figure prominently in your chart, why not entertain them all in one fell
swoop? Have a Thanksgiving-weekend open house for the masses. Save the one-on-one
romantic interludes for December, when your sun ruler and passionate Pluto meet
in fiery Sagittarius. But first there's a tricky situation to handle: Erotic
Uranus squaring the sun on the 24th tests your ability to adjust to the unexpected.
Then the Gemini full moon emphasizes freedom of choice, the bad as well as the


If you ask nicely enough, colleagues, perhaps even a casual acquaintance, will
respond the way you want them to. It's the one thing you can count on this
week. That's because your partner is liable to change his or her mind at
the drop of a hat, especially if it means traveling any distance. Your parents
can be obsessed with repairs at the house or with a relative who also needs
fixing. If you manage to have Thanksgiving together, well and good. But chances
are career pressures will dominate the holiday weekend.


If not quite frothy or frivolous, the forecast for your Thanksgiving weekend,
with its airy Gemini full moon, is effervescent enough. The most promising aspect,
a rewarding trine connecting your affable Venus ruler and erotic Uranus on the
24th, suggests all sorts of romantic encounters – on the train, in the
plane, on the slopes. Opportunities to engage in purely pleasurable experiences
are limited only by your imagination and availability. Come Monday, Venus starts
a four-week trip through sexy, secretive Scorpio.


A strong, stabilizing influence is at work this weekend, so don't be surprised
if one of your mentors shows up to steer you straight. Although this person
may concentrate on ways to advance your reputation among the members of your
community, pay attention as well to casual conversations about finances. Solar
Sagittarius, which begins on Sunday, is the time of year when Eagles dare to
do what it takes to make significant amounts of money. Assertive Mars in Scorpio
should provide the energy you may need, also the courage and desire.


Do the research. Something intensely personal could spark your curiosity when
Mercury in your sign joins Pluto this weekend. You won't be satisfied until
you check out what can be done and how long it'll take. An abrupt change
may occur in your immediate environs when disruptive Uranus squares the Sagittarius
sun on Thanksgiving Eve. Because electric, idiosyncratic Uranus is in watery
Pisces, be sure that the disposal is working properly before you fill the sink.
Nervous enough yet? Wait until the two-faced Gemini full moon casts light on
a close relationship.


No matter what mood you're in – whether you feel sociable enough
to join in the Thanksgiving festivities or would prefer to brood in seclusion
– remind yourself that because benevolent Jupiter is protecting your reputation,
whatever you do will be okay. Nobody is going to find fault with you if they
can blame your partner or, better still, a colleague. The problem: probably
a glitch in a financial matter that springs up around the 24th and throws your
plans for the holiday weekend out of whack.


Badger your friends until the truth comes out. It'll set you free, or
free enough to know what to expect when the sun challenges your independent
Uranus ruler on the eve of Thanksgiving. Hopefully, you won't be traveling
any farther away than grandmother's house. Since the provocative square
may involve your family, consider acting as the peacemaker. You can be surprisingly
successful, because Venus' fondness for Uranus that day makes you the person
the others turn to. It's also a good time for a romantic overture.


If you anticipate sheer nuttiness or merely a change of dinner plans, you'll
be somewhat prepared for the surprises due when the “I know best”
Sagittarius sun challenges idiosyncratic Uranus in your sign the day before
Thanksgiving. Maybe you'll be the contrary one; maybe sun-ruled Leo will
demand to reign supreme? And who would deny the “can't make up my
mind” Gemini top billing when the moon is full in the sign of the Twins?
Buckle up, kids; until November is over and done with, we're in for a rocky

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