Remember how nutty things can get when erratic Uranus changes direction, as
it will on Veterans Day. Along with Uranus' turnaround from retrograde
to direct, there's a new lunar cycle starting Friday morning at 20+ degrees
of Scorpio. The weekend may feel especially intense thanks to a sexy Venus-Pluto
liaison. Your usual Monday-morning routine could be quite different because
unpredictable Uranus is supported by hurtful Mars. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,
temper tantrums! Stability of sorts returns by Thursday, when the Scorpio sun
trines sensible Saturn, ruler of the establishment.


Feeling frisky? Willing to risk making a significant change? The astrological
auspices support following your gut instinct, at least until Thanksgiving. Then
repercussions from the holiday feast may arise and upset future plans. You think
you can count on other people's money, but because Mercury is turning retrograde
as the month ends, you can't be certain you have the correct information.
That's also the time that your Mars ruler falls under the spell of delusional
Neptune. Keep the faith, but don't neglect to read the small print.


Thanks to Friday's new moon in Scorpio, partnership affairs over the next
four weeks might matter more than ever. Intense desire could easily lead to
dirty tricks, but you'll soon be as subtly manipulative as your mate. After
your Venus ruler enters Scorpio on the 20th, pulling the rug out from under
or doing an about-face may seem the appropriate, even the natural, thing to
do. Your reasoning seems justifiable, especially if you grow frustrated by an
adamant attitude at home or an overly anxious relative.


If you start your holiday shopping early – say, around the 18th –
you'll have an uncanny eye for a bargain and an ear finely tuned to the
hints being dropped. Right now, you're in an excellent position for uncovering
the truth, the nitty-gritty of an unpleasant situation that begs to be revealed.
Because your detail-driven Mercury ruler will cover the same ground for the
next two months, make sure you aren't cocksure of your facts. Also that
you see the full extent of the forest and the importance of the different trees.


Since a Moon Child is more sensitive than other signs to the potential of each
new-moon period, take time to check out the romantic possibilities introduced
by Friday's Scorpio lunation – even the ones that exist only in your
head. Don't pick up on the first come-on you get; keep your options open
and follow through as it suits your, not anybody else's, schedule. By Thanksgiving,
you will have made a connection you can play with, perhaps work with as well.
Truly creative fun and games ahead.


Home and hearth are the main focus of this lunar cycle, so if you're already
obsessing about decorating and entertaining, go with the impulse. For some reason
– probably sensible Saturn's steady hand on your sun ruler's
love of luxury – you won't go overboard this season. However, you
could throw both tradition and caution to the wind and come up with a brilliant
idea for a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving celebration. Keep those plans fairly flexible
just in case erratic Uranus plays havoc with the entire holiday weekend.


If you're feeling antsier than usual, ready to jump ship or take to the
road, blame your Mercury ruler in footloose but not totally fancy-free Sagittarius.
It won't help quiet your nerves if a partner is also eager and willing
to break with tradition. See who's carrying the heavier obligation, and
try to lighten the load gracefully. Then when Mercury turns retrograde on the
30th you'll have room to maneuver, change your mind or do preliminary research
on an assignment that you promise you won't assume until next year.


Maybe the decision will be too tough to make; maybe your ego will get in the
way. However, while your amenable Venus ruler and stern Saturn form a challenging
square, you'll be aware that as a mere plaything of the gods you are being
sorely tested. Whether you pass or fail depends in part on how well you fit
the image the rest of the family wants to project. Career matters could take
a similar turn as pressure from above is brought to bear on you personally instead
of on your contribution to a group effort. Come turkey time, it'll all
be history.


The scene at home, especially between the spacier members of the family, may
continue to mystify you. But that situation can, if the occasion arises, improve,
or it can degenerate into pure chaos. Don't let it take center stage. Better
to focus on yourself, the way you look and how you come across. Magnetic Venus
will enter Scorpio on the 22nd, making your charms fairly irresistible. Figure
out what you want to do with this gift, because it'll only work its magic
until December 16; after that, you're on your own.


Hook up with a Virgo, perhaps even a Gemini, who is as willing as you are to
make a significant adjustment in your daily routines. You both have itchy feet
and a desire to discover “the real you.” It may take another month,
until the Sagittarius sun merges with transformational Pluto, before you make
your move, but you can use the time to plan ahead. Mercury in your sign helps
to sort through the details, which, because Mercury turns retrograde on the
30th, may have to be revised. Twice.


If it's been rocky for you lately, then you'll be relieved around
the 18th, when the life-giving sun lends its support to your Saturn ruler. Even
if nothing notable happens, your mood can lift considerably. However –
and there always seems to be one of those – sweet smiles can turn into
frowns the very next day when artistic, affectionate Venus denies whatever it
is Saturn wants. Their square aspect is cold; it's the kind of challenge
that primarily excites artists and their dealers.


While the rest of us are preparing for a successful (as in enjoyable) holiday
season, Aquarians, like Dick Cheney, may be focusing on a success that is more
in line with public recognition. The new moon in your power-obsessed Scorpio
midheaven introduced a monthlong cycle of ambitious intentions that only you
know about. However, this cycle could take a full year, not a mere month, before
coming full circle. Merchants might envision dollar signs, the military a reversal
of fortune, couples an intriguing love life.


Faraway places with strange-sounding names can seem very attractive right about
now. How far from home can you travel and still maintain an attachment to the
personal changes you're going through? But after so many years, you might
be immune to the call of the wild you hear whenever Sagittarius approaches.
Whether you investigate the possibility of exploring unknown terrain or decide
to check out the exotic and erotic potential of the neighborhood is a dilemma
the dualist Fish faces every holiday season.

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