The major change we as a nation are about to face – the switch the USA's
progressed sun makes from airy Aquarius, where it's been for the past 30
years, into watery Pisces – is in question. Did the magic moment occur
during Samhain, when the door between the living and the dead cracked open?
Or did it happen on Election/All Souls' Day? Perhaps the 7th is the actual
date, in which case we could still be on the cusp, waiting for the results.
You're already aware that the challenging square between the manipulative
Scorpio sun and deluded, fanatical Neptune is in effect. Also that the tremendously
beneficial, but often overconfident, meeting of Venus and Jupiter is taking
place right now. Then there's the surprising news due when Mercury squares
unpredictable Uranus on Saturday, about the same time that the two main malefics,
militant Mars and limited Saturn, perfect their problematic square. Saturn at
the tail end of Cancer turns retrograde on Sunday for four months; Uranus goes
direct next Thursday for the next seven. Also this week we have the exquisite
hookup between affectionate, artistic Venus and spiritual Neptune, a connection
die-hard romantics would die for. One more thing: Militant Mars will transit
secretive Scorpio from Wednesday, the 10th, until Christmas Day.


The aftermath of the election can have a stronger effect on Rams than on the
other passionate fire signs. How you handle the challenge posed by Saturn's
square to your Mars ruler this weekend could determine what happens at your
house, with your family, while Saturn is retrograde for the next four months.
Let the matter lie or attack the problem head-on? Maintaining a fair and balanced
stance could morph into your best avenging-angel attitude after Mars enters
Scorpio on the 10th, a mindset that might prevail until Christmas.


Trust your artistic Venus ruler to once again soften the blow of outrageous
fortune when the goddess supports idealistic Neptune over the post-election
weekend. Could this be a reward for a career matter you handled with grace in
mid-September or is it thanks for deftly massaging a relative's ego? Enjoy
the benefits while Venus travels through sociable, relationship-centered Libra.
Come Thanksgiving, the atmosphere may change dramatically as resentments build
to the next showdown. That wake-up call is scheduled for December 1.


You might be exceptionally brilliant, a reaction we expect from such a clever,
well-informed air sign, when your Mercury ruler is challenged by innovative
Uranus this weekend. Thinking outside the box either comes in quite handy or
gets you in trouble; it all depends on how flexible you are. Also a bit on how
adaptable and amenable your partner is. What you should watch out for is a stagnant
money matter, a result of conservative Saturn turning retrograde in your Cancer
house of assets and values for the next four months.


Even if you're not a typical hermit Crab, the tendency to close ranks
whenever cautious Saturn in your sign changes direction is understandable. But
before Saturn goes retrograde Sunday night – and while it's being
tested by aggressive Mars – you may need to handle an unpleasant household
matter or a doozy of a family dispute. Find relief in a recreational activity
or a simple romantic gesture, something easily done while the sun is in simpatico,
subterranean Scorpio. No need to discuss your feelings in detail.


There can be tension – no doubt about it – while your sun ruler is
tested by Neptune's willingness to believe or be deluded. Call it a retreat
into romanticism or the quintessential spin, but the difficult square aspect
can challenge your powers of imagination as well as the strength of your faith.
A partner might also play a significant role in this drama, especially if he
or she is hell-bent on maintaining the fantasy despite the facts. If you write
sci-fi, well and good; if not, good luck.


Like the Twins, you might be considered certifiably brilliant or simply too
off-the-wall to be taken seriously. While your Mercury ruler gets bombarded
with eclectic, erratic Uranian vibes, novel ideas rain down like bolts from
the blue. Sometimes all that intellectual activity can exhaust you; sometimes
it helps break new ground. A lot depends on a partner who hopefully is a trendsetter
and/or a humanitarian. Nonetheless, the urge, as well as a bona fide reason
to change your address, may also come out of that wild blue yonder.


Anticipate a certain amount of angst this weekend while ballsy Mars in your
sign provokes a response from restrictive Saturn in your career midheaven. Do
you really have nothing to fear but fear itself, or are those elected officials
scaring you silly? Think of the square as Mars gunning the gas pedal while Saturn
slams on the brakes, and there's your dilemma. You could also pretend you're
not conflicted by focusing on the fantasy created during Neptune's trine
to your romantic Venus ruler and ignoring everything else.


Look forward to a happier, healthier and wealthier birthday next year, when
generous Jupiter will be in your sign. Until then, feel free to rely on friends
and colleagues to bestow the rewards you think you deserve. However, over the
next few months, those expectations may change, even yo-yo from one extreme
to another. Thank or blame your Pluto co-ruler in your Sagittarius house of
values for constantly re-examining your current needs and assets. More energy
and determination once co-ruler Mars enters Scorpio on the 10th.


Mercurial Mercury in your sign probably has you running off at the mouth, spouting
well-worn words of wisdom or thinking about hitting the road. The electricity
generated by its contact with independent, idiosyncratic Uranus this weekend
can spark a brilliant idea or wind up being another reason to change your address.
And while it may be unsettling to live with an erratic Uranian vibe at your
house, after it flips forward on the 11th, you might get out of the comfortable
rut you've created for yourself.


You know better than anyone else what could happen when your Saturn ruler turns
retrograde in your Cancer marriage house, like it did last autumn. The state
of your primary relationship is bound to change while Saturn operates at a much
lower volume. Perhaps the partnership will even play second fiddle to other
interests, at least until Saturn flips again come spring. Meanwhile, try to
keep an eagle eye on Uranus and its tendency to surprise you when you least
expect it. Shopping sprees galore!


The more things change, the more they stay the same? Two major planets changing
direction this week can be more than a little confusing, especially when the
two are your old-school, traditional Saturn ruler and Uranus, your modern, New
Age ruler. Saturn turns retrograde for four months; Uranus moves ahead for the
next seven. It may take a few weeks until you get into the swing of things,
so be patient or pleasantly distracted while impressionable Neptune in your
sign becomes the focus of Venus' artistic and romantic interests.


An interesting week as you adjust to Saturn in your house of romance and entertainment
looking back over the recent past. Its retrograde trip lasts until spring. But
by next Thursday, when Uranus in Pisces comes out of its retrogression, you'll
probably be ready for seven months of meaningful change. Saturn doesn't
like to break with tradition; Uranus has no use for it at all. But if you can
swing it, let yourself become totally sidetracked by the glorious connection
between your idealistic Neptune ruler and amorous Venus this weekend.

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