Is it grisly and ghoulish enough yet? The living dead, along with the deadly
living, come out in full force once the sun gets to mysterious, creative (as
in stem-cell research) Scorpio Friday evening. Saturday may seem suspicious
because Mercury challenges Neptune teetering on the edge of turning direct.
Anticipate sheer weirdness on Monday while the Scorpio sun focuses on unpredictable,
erotic Uranus. Midweek might feel somewhat sensible as Venus sextiles stable
Saturn and Mars energizes Pluto's power to transform. However, the famous
wild card, the “October surprise,” could be played during the total
lunar eclipse Wednesday night. What was sown at the new moon/solar eclipse on
the 13th during the third debate is about to be reaped.


Rams with artistic aspirations get a break when visionary Neptune wakes up,
i.e., comes out of retrograde, on the 24th. It's time to apply the ideas
that have been formulating in your unconscious while Neptune was down for the
count. By Wednesday, you'll have the energy and motivation to change the
things you can and leave the rest alone. How about the wisdom to know the difference?
Until your Mars ruler finally leaves “both sides now” Libra around
Veterans Day, that point remains moot.


The full-moon eclipse on the 27th at 6 degrees of Taurus may have quite the
impact on Bulls born in April. If you want to know how this phenomenon could
affect you, ask natives born on Cinco de Mayo, who endured/enjoyed both a solar
and a lunar eclipse last year. Did they manage to squeak by or did they prosper?
Disappointed or delighted? Or you can think back to 19 years ago, the last time
the eclipse occurred on this degree, to see what direction your life took from
that moment on.


Like the natives of the sexy sign, the attraction Scorpions have for the Twins
is inexplicable and, from where I sit, more than a little compelling. Gemini
knows that while your Mercury ruler travels through the subterranean land of
mystery and secrecy, you won't grow bored. You might, however, become confused
this weekend as Mercury tries to uncover whatever nebulous Neptune is hiding
or, more to the point, the story it's spinning. If it entails sex, money
and the dead, be suspicious; be very, very suspicious.


For a Moon Child, Wednesday's lunar eclipse along the Taurus-Scorpio axis
could have a significant impact on your current approach to your career, family
or residence. Where you work, where you live and with whom might become questions
you'll have to answer a lot sooner than you figured. While considering
the pros and cons of any move, remind yourself that eclipses usually leave something
to be desired, e.g., the crucial piece of the puzzle that went missing. Crabs
born in June can be quite pleasantly surprised this weekend.


Lions might get a taste of sweet revenge – more than your fair share,
of course – while your sun ruler eclipses the moon on the 27th. Payback
for what didn't happen to your satisfaction when the sun was partially
eclipsed on the 13th? Reach out to the people you couldn't make contact
with then; double-check on accommodations that weren't available or information
you didn't think you needed. While the sun travels through Scorpio, you
can be an even better detective than you usually are. Better at keeping secrets,


Few Virgins ever want to learn that they are being deceived or that they are
inadvertently deluding a loved one. However, because your Mercury ruler could
be engulfed in the chaos emanating from Neptune, that may be the case this weekend.
So don't press your point too forcefully or demand undying allegiance.
Not even someone's indifferent approval. The situation you're concerned
about might change after the lunar eclipse on Wednesday presents another variation
of the same story. Oops, I mean the same fairy tale.


Even though the creative sun deserts Libra on the 22nd, you'll still get
plenty of attention. Mars will continue to provide physical energy and, if you
need it, unmitigated gall for a few more weeks, while generous Jupiter in your
sign for months on end could bless you with something akin to the Midas touch.
However, every now and then, check to see if fool's gold hasn't turned
up instead. The day after the awesome lunar eclipse, Venus, your very own ruling
planet, makes a grand entrance into your very own sign. Also awesome!


A delicate issue concerning your house, perhaps a confusing matter involving
a relative or neighbor, could change simply because nebulous Neptune at the
bottom of your chart – think home plate – turns direct on the 24th.
Although Mercury in your sign can help you uncover pertinent information, chances
are you won't deal effectively until the Scorpio sun challenges Neptune
on November 4. Meanwhile, there's that total lunar eclipse in your Taurus
house of partnership to worry about. What's missing from the relationship


Many December-born Archers, oblivious to something a loved one holds in high
regard, would be justified in blaming the total lunar eclipse in their house
of romance for the oversight. November Centaurs may sense that things are not
quite kosher with a co-worker or that a crucial test is missing from their latest
lab results. The eclipse hits them in their sixth house of work, health practices,
hobbies and the services commonly rendered unto Caesar. Those rendered unto
the gods should be safe.


This time of year there's always a lot going on because so many planets
are congregated at the top of your chart, the place where you make your way
and your reputation in the world. But if you aren't particularly ambitious
at the moment, if you think that everything will turn out fine, you're
probably counting on prosperous Jupiter in your Libra midheaven to protect you
and yours. Fair enough. Nevertheless, keep an eye on a family member whose sense
of security may be threatened by the lunar eclipse.


Halloween is scary enough. You don't need all that Scorpio sunlight directed
to your rebellious Uranus ruler to shake you up some more. But if you think
that an emotional breakthrough would be beneficial, this would be a good week
– what with a total lunar eclipse in your Taurus house of “from womb
to tomb” – to have it. Something heretofore hidden about your family
history could be unearthed during the witches' Sabbath, when the border
between the living and the dead is easier to cross.


Once the sun gets to Scorpio, a compatible water element, Fish usually breathe
a sigh of relief. Take yours Friday night, even if you feel slightly strange
because your Neptune ruler is about to change direction. After being in retrograde
since mid-May, the planet of ideals and illusions flips into forward gear this
weekend. Prepare to make significant progress, if not right this minute, then
soon enough. Adding to the prognosis of constructive change: the sun's
supportive trine to future-oriented Uranus in your sign.

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