Beat the drum for faith and fanaticism when militant Mars and idealistic Neptune
form a rewarding trine on the 15th, just days after the Libra new moon/solar
eclipse sets another cycle of action/reaction in order. Or, given the nature
of an eclipse, disorder. Curious Mercury moves into submerged Scorpio this weekend
and promptly finds favor with independent Uranus in Pisces, another emotion-based
water sign. On Tuesday, the diplomatic Libra sun challenges Saturn, ruler of
CEOs and good old boys. Emotions erupt the next day as Venus tests Pluto, Lord
of the Underworld, but will all hell break loose?


This is when two years' worth of visualization, planning and step-by-step
follow-through finally comes to fruition. While your single-minded Mars ruler
and idealistic Neptune form a rewarding trine, your hidden talent – perseverance?
– becomes evident to all concerned, especially an ally who has maintained
a “fair and balanced” distance. Despite one more challenge around
Thanksgiving, figure on launching another project in April, when the Mars-Neptune
conjunction inaugurates the next two-year cycle.


A lot more passion than you expected can be unleashed when your Venus ruler
is tested, teased and turned on by manipulative Pluto. Down-and-dirty is how
Pluto in your house of sex and transformation prefers to play, so make sure
you're prepared for a memorable encounter. Since this aspect is better
suited to Halloween fun and games, an appropriate costume could be just what
the doctor ordered. The career concern that has you puzzled becomes less ambiguous
next week after nebulous Neptune inches forward.


Although a question about a career or family matter may be answered while your
informative Mercury ruler calms erratic Uranus, it is far from the last word
on the subject. Mercury in secretive Scorpio tends to discover facts that have
been suppressed or simply unavailable, but when the Messenger advances to expansive
Sagittarius a few days after the election, that knowledge can become widespread.
Apply this timeline to your own situation, factoring in the resolution of a
lingering financial hassle around Halloween.


If you had the foresight to stick last week's forecast on the fridge,
you know what to expect for the rest of the month. You may also have a hint
of how the Libra new moon/solar eclipse will affect what you're currently
into. But if you're still wondering, simply wait until the sun moves out
of its challenging square to Saturn in your sign. Crabs born close to the Leo
cusp are the ones currently facing the restrictive policies of the dour, sour
planet. Those who have already shouldered Saturn's responsibilities should
be relieved.


You don't have to understand why you're paying dues. Simply acknowledge
that you're feeling drained, anxious or depressed because your ebullient
sun ruler is being restrained by sad-sack Saturn energy. Get past this brief
encounter with harsh reality and your innate good spirits should bounce back
in time for U.N. Day. The 24th is also when elusive Neptune in your house of
partners – past and present – turns direct. Shortly thereafter, there'll
be news to surprise and delight you. A veritable breakthrough.


Relish the last of the homage being paid, the attention you're receiving;
magnetic Venus remains in Virgo only until the 28th. And while you won't
go back to being plain Jane, other aspects of your life could be affected by
the total lunar eclipse that week. Stay focused on various money matters, since
a steady hand plus good research can help you steer through the waves, the financial
highs and lows, generated by the eclipse. You seem to be more psychic whenever
your Mercury ruler is in Scorpio, so follow where it leads.


By dealing with one issue at a time, one person after another, you can do a
fairly decent job of clearing up the confusion at home or among other family
members. You could also wait until impressionable Neptune comes out of its retrograde
stupor on the 24th and begins to lift the fog that encompassed you in May. Or
you can stall until Venus enters Libra on the 28th and makes whatever you're
offering more desirable. But this week, while there's passion and power
behind the words you utter, why wait?


You're in a situation somewhat similar to your Libra neighbor's this
week, i.e., empowered by the strong emotions behind well-chosen words, especially
if your audience belongs to a group you were once allied with. There's
something inexplicably arousing about the connection between your passionate
Pluto co-ruler and affectionate Venus, so if the conversation heats up or the
wordplay becomes suggestive, you may decide to press on to the natural conclusion.
You could also play it safe and pass.


Since so many unexpressed emotions may surface when Venus challenges Pluto
in your sign this week, gird yourself for the fallout. Not only another Sagittarius,
but a Virgo, Libra, Taurus or Scorpio you either work with or are related to,
might launch a purely personal attack. While you've defended yourself before
or, more effective yet, ignored what was being said, this time information you've
kept to yourself may be released to the public. Everything else is up in the
air until the full-moon eclipse kicks off the scary Halloween weekend.


Information that may have gotten your goat last week could turn out to be a
full-fledged problem this week when your well-organized Saturn ruler is tested
by the lazy Libra sun. Rest assured you won't be alone in this matter;
Saturn in your Cancer house of partners ensures that a significant other will
also feel the squeeze. This hard-working person may have a better chance of
succeeding right now than you do, so if you can comfortably relinquish a modicum
of control, do it.


Your current attitude about yourself, what you want and how you intend to go
about getting it may change when impressionable Neptune in your sign changes
direction on the 24th. Will you become more idealistic or suddenly turn cynical?
Less image-conscious or more artificially enhanced? You might also notice that
your workload feels burdensome and that your exercise routine no longer energizes
you. Try to persevere, because you'll be amply rewarded with compliments
and kudos, perhaps a prize, by Thanksgiving.


Having responsible Saturn in your house of romance, recreation and risk means
always having to say you're sorry. And when the willful sun tests Saturn,
as it does this week, you may come to the conclusion that you're the one
who has to pay if you still want to play. A child or a lover can be especially
problematic right now. Try to enlist the help of significant others; if they
won't contribute financially, they may have other resources, e.g., information
or connections, you can tap into.

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