The new moon before the November 2 election is also a partial solar eclipse
in late Libra. It initiates a lunar cycle on October 13???14 that reaches
fullness with a total lunar eclipse in Taurus-Scorpio on October 28. Eclipses
are reference points – e.g., the June 21, 2001, eclipse that preceded the
attacks on 9/11 – that augur future grand-scale events. So regardless of
whether there's a planned “October surprise” in the works, steel
yourself for a real one from the heavens.


The give-and-take of relationship politics will play an even stronger role
in your daily life once the Libra new moon ushers in another level of cooperation
and competition. A solar eclipse, even a partial one, in your seventh house
of marriage and business partners centers the action for the next month (but
more like the next three) on your allies and antagonists. Whether you'll
need to replace your lawyer and agent or just acquire another roommate is up
in the “can't make a decision” Libra air. For a take-action Aries,
that could be tough.


The area of your natal chart that gets zapped by the solar eclipse this week
is the most pedestrian of all: the sixth house, which governs the daily grind
at work, your health care, plus the services you provide for the greater good,
e.g., donations to the Salvation Army. Somewhere in that mix are clothes and
the crafts you produce. Rather than spend weeks sweating the small stuff, focus
on an uncomplicated romance or an entertaining social event and have some lighthearted
fun in the process.


Your boyfriend or girlfriend, teammates or the kids take over center stage
for the next monthlong lunar cycle. However, attempts to maintain harmonious
Libran relationships could become your chief concern far longer than anyone
expects. Although you may think that matters related to these folks will progress
easily because so many planets are in a friendly air sign, this year it ain't
necessarily so. A frustrating financial concern can block the smooth exchange
of compatibility and communication.


The Moon Child could become sidetracked, maybe even stymied, by the events
that follow from the Libra new moon on the 13th. Complicated, multilayered situations
tend to arise when a new lunar cycle begins with an eclipse. Therefore, don't
assume that an issue you've dealt with won't come back to haunt you
around the also eclipsed full moon on the 28th. Just in time for Halloween!
However, the Columbus Day holiday weekend is fairly straightforward, with awesome
meteor showers on Sunday.


You must be doing something right! Over the weekend, the Lion may be rewarded
for finding a creative solution to a challenge issued about month ago. Perhaps
you were in some sort of contest, a race against time or a romantic triangle,
that was resolved to your satisfaction. Enjoy whatever good word of mouth and
good loving you do get. Another lesson in the further development of your communication
skills begins on Wednesday with the Libra new moon, which is also a partial
solar eclipse. Try to be extra-patient; answers won't be as easy to come


Resolve to get past the negativity brought on while stern Saturn tests your
Mercury ruler on the 13th. The restrictions you may encounter are temporary
and will probably be lifted after the Libra new-moon cycle kicks in later that
night. Once Mercury moves on to Scorpio on the 15th, your approach to money
matters could become more secretive and more strategic, better suited to handling
whatever roadblocks you come across because of the eclipse. Dealing with colleagues
and group affiliations might be tricky; beneficial in the long run, but during
the next few weeks, sticky.


This week there is no stepping out of the spotlight. Accept the attention with
your customary grace and assume that after the Libra new moon on Wednesday,
you'll have precious moments to yourself again. Then maybe you'll
be able to navigate the ins and outs of a purely personal dilemma. Also know
that since this new moon is a partial solar eclipse, whatever is set in motion
can last a lot longer than one lunar cycle, especially because growth-oriented
Jupiter is in your sign. So you still wanna be a star?


Payoffs can be problematic, because it's often difficult to decide what
is more valuable: the apparent or the implied reward. Since the Libra sun, in
your 12th house of hidden motives and karmic payback, favors your Pluto co-ruler
this week, assume that the good feeling you're enjoying, the opportunity
that is being offered or the goodies that appear out of the blue are related
to something you've already done. Was it as recent as a month ago, when
the Virgo sun challenged Pluto, or a couple of lifetimes ago?


This year the Libra new moon, normally a pleasant, primarily social time, could
have a dramatic impact on your relationship to your peers. Eclipses tend to
carve deep impressions that aren't easily erased in time for the next new-moon
cycle. So while you might dismiss what occurs among your colleagues as “just
one of those things,” the ramifications can turn out to be more significant
and last much longer than any of you figured. Therefore, be careful; try not
to snub anyone or step on their toes.


This week can be simultaneously promising and frustrating, so take the time
to see things through to their end instead of jumping to conclusions. That may
be easier said than done if the matter involves your mate or a business partnership.
While your Saturn ruler contends with a challenging square from Mercury in your
career midheaven, the news at first could be negative. Extra effort may be needed
to achieve your present goal – that plus a lot of tactful maneuvering and
diplomatic schmoozing.


The “holier than thou” kick you may be on – only because impressionable
Neptune is prominently situated in your sign, not because you're delusional
– can be further fueled by Martian ardor. Try to keep your passion for
whatever popular ideal or pop idol you're currently promoting in check
before the militant Martian vibe urges you to fall on your sword. Paying marked
attention to your lifelong aspirations recurs each year around the Libra new
moon, and while your focus usually changes soon enough, this year it might linger


A money matter may become a lot more important than it appears at first, thanks
to the new moon on the 13th triggering action in your Libra house of mutual
financial interests. Since this new moon is also a partial solar eclipse, the
normal course of events may be interrupted. Instead of taking a month from onset
to resolution, your involvement in this transaction could last three months
or more. Other things to engage your interest will pop up along the way, but
when it comes to buying and selling, be patient and cautious.

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