Let's try to be positive. The sun, Mars and Jupiter, the rulers of Leo,
Aries and Sagittarius, the spirited fire signs, are ganging up in “fair
and balanced” Libra. Argumentative Mercury adds its two cents on Tuesday
when it crosses over from Virgo, shortly after the hot-tempered Aries moon,
the shine-on harvest moon, reaches fullness. And while passions may heat up,
justifiably so, the harmonious Libra vibe should prevail. Even if nothing comes
of it, a peaceful overture will be made somewhere on the planet. At your house?


The changes may be subtle, more social than substantive, but they still could
have a dramatic impact on you and a business, rather than your life, partner.
On Sunday, just hours after proactive Mars moves out of prudent Virgo, your
ruling planet runs into expansive, entrepreneurial Jupiter in Libra, the sign
of your significant others. This is an extremely fortunate meeting for Rams,
especially since this potent merger occurs only once every two years. You'll
soon be healthier, wealthier and so much wiser.


Justification, whether or not you're actively seeking it, could arrive
this weekend while your fair-minded Venus ruler soothes the vindictive vibe
Pluto emits. When it finds favor with the goddess, the lord of sex, death and
other people's money becomes a much friendlier force to contend with. However,
a random act of tenderness won't diminish the raw passion you may be feeling,
nor will an impressive gift make you more affectionate. It could, however, make
the house look a lot better. A good week for playing sports and games of chance.


The harvest full moon on Tuesday highlights the formidable power that you're
currently wielding. It doesn't make much difference whether they're
spoken or written, your words can have a marked influence this week on people
of intelligence and taste, especially a lovely Libran in the audience. But when
your perceptive Mercury ruler teams up with militant Mars, you could come across
more forcefully than you intend. Be sure that's the impression you want
to leave, because it can last a long time.


There's no guarantee that this will turn out to be the best weekend of
the year, but there's a pretty good chance it could. Since that huge harvest
moon seems intent on revealing what really matters to the Moon Child, talk to
someone, e.g., a soul sibling or school friend, about your current feelings,
short-range plans and lifelong aspirations. You may find that you're thinking
more clearly, and a lot more optimistically, than you have in a while. If your
confidant happens to be a lovable Libra, those chances improve.


An excellent week for bringing in the sheaves and whatever else comes with
a rich harvest. With so many positive planets in your house of assets and values,
you'd have to be a certified fuckup not to capitalize on the opportunities
being offered. However, if you do become sidetracked by the thrill of romance
or an inexplicable desire to self-destruct, then your lack of attention to the
money matter at hand may be justified. But it won't be forgiven. You might
not have this much determination or sheer good luck for another year.


Even after your Mercury ruler leaves Virgo, you'll continue to be singled
out, perhaps even financially rewarded, for the interesting ideas and clever
words you're promoting. That's because Mercury joins expansive Jupiter
in Libra in time for the full moon, thereby amplifying the importance of your
mercurial mind. But when Mercury merges with Mars on the 29th, you're liable
to use those verbal gifts to launch an attack. It's one thing to champion
a just cause, another to engage in character assassination.


You're more in demand than the flavor of the month; you could also be
the cherry on top. Seriously consider the opportunities being offered; you're
radiating so much creative energy, some people are positively dazzled by it.
If you need more confidence or the nerve to try something new and different,
since daredevil Mars is in Libra for the next month, it's there for the
asking. And with protective, prosperous Jupiter in your sign, success is practically
guaranteed. All this, plus a stunning full moon lighting up your Aries marriage


Too much of two good things. Die-hard Scorpio lovers may feel relieved when
pleasure-loving Venus actually rewards your possessive Pluto co-ruler instead
of presenting another problem. But if you concentrate on romance and the fringe
benefits of a relationship (Pluto is in your money house), will you miss out
on the seeds sown during the fortunate meeting of entrepreneurial Jupiter and
your Mars co-ruler? That's taking place in your house of group activities
and sociopolitical alliances. Can you have it all? Why not?


The Sagittarius dilettante or, if you prefer, multitasker can follow more than
one path this week. While passionate Pluto in your sign holds romantic Venus
in thrall, feel free to look for love in all the right places, and a few of
the wrong ones, too. Their favorable trine doesn't occur often enough to
suit you. Meanwhile your optimistic Jupiter ruler is getting zapped by energetic
Mars, so you might become attached to a gigantic enterprise from the wonderful
world of Libra – the law, marriage, fashion and design.


Set your sights slightly higher. Go ahead and assume that you'll have
more than one opportunity in the next 12 months to realize a lifelong ambition.
For example, both students and teachers are likely to expand their knowledge,
extend their sphere of influence and enrich their bank accounts in the process,
although money might not matter as much as it has in the past. Tied-to-the-desk
workaholics could find fun and adventure in a foreign land, especially if the
desire to escape or explore strikes you sometime during this romantic week.


Air signs such as yours can really benefit from all the positive, planetary
activity in Libra this week. So much strength of purpose and superior reasoning
ability should help Aquarians expand their stake in a venture based on other
people's money. Whether you're in line for an inheritance or are investing
in mutual funds, use the initiative courageous Mars adds to the harmonious Libra
mix to set financial goals for the next six months. Also make time to spend
quality time with your partner and/or powerful friends.


Kiss up and make up. If you do what's expected of you, and keep a smile
on your face while doing it, there's a good chance you'll satisfy
the boss, parent or government official who's been giving you grief. A
dramatic change of heart is in the offing, but you can relieve some of the tension
between parties right now by being compliant, even gracious. Civilized behavior,
a clever way with words, anything short of a threat should do the trick. As
for trickery, that's in the cards in the next few weeks.

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