Knowing that Mercury only just came out of retrograde on the 2nd should keep
you on your toes and somewhat tentative about your plans for the Labor Day weekend.
Other changes that may make a difference are Venus' move out of family-oriented
Cancer on Monday, and the tension-filled square between militant Mars and powerful
Pluto on the 9th. Venus in sunny Leo favors fun, flattery and flashy diversions.
On the other hand, the provocative square may cause any number of brutal battles.
Are you ready for some football?


Your focus becomes sharper, your method of achieving your objectives more direct,
while your Mars ruler picks up on the intensity powerful Pluto provides. Their
motivating square on the 9th ensures that, after the initial challenge is met,
a lot of good can be accomplished. Try not to slack off when sociable Venus
in your Leo house of romance and recreation offers pleasurable distractions.
As tempting as they may be, concentrate on finishing what's been started.
You might not have this much physical energy and sheer determination until the
end of January.


Even if you're making noticeable progress – what with all that constructive
earth-sign energy emanating from the planets in Virgo – you can still enjoy
the perks, the easy loving and little luxuries, your Venus ruler provides whenever
it visits cheery Leo. This month would be a good time to fix up the house and
entertain folks who share your appreciation for the finer things, or to treat
yourself and a loved one to a special gift, like jewelry or theater tickets.
Although a sensuous Taurus hardly needs a reason to indulge, I'm doing
it anyway.


The message all those planets in your Virgo home base is sending may simply
be: move. Shake things loose, get out of your rut, change your environment,
and you'll change your life. Whether this tack will work is debatable (as
are most rationales Virgo presents), but one thing is fairly certain: Your questioning
attitude and the ensuing arguments will put more pressure on your partner. Push
might actually come to shove when Pluto in your marriage house is challenged
on and by 9/11. Also know that you're in a semitransitory phase that should
end with the autumn equinox.


A new fall semester can ring the school bells lodged in fond (and probably
false) memories of childhood. This time of year, your Virgo house of lore and
learning is lit like a Day-Glo marker, calling your attention to the sense of
security you enjoyed when you had a routine to follow. Moon children born in
the '60s might take on a special assignment as growth-oriented Jupiter
and courageous Mars energize the placements in your natal chart of Uranus and
Pluto in health-conscious Virgo. Could be a generational thing coming to fruition.


After waiting more than a year for your annual infusion of goodness and mercy,
harmonious Venus finally enters your sign on Labor Day. If your sun ruler wasn't
reflecting selective and discreet Virgo vibes, your desire to please and be
pleasured in return might get totally out of hand. But on 9/11, as the sun and
passionate Pluto toss firebolts at each other, you're liable to succumb
to the Lord of the Underworld's dark, compelling charms. Then what? Patience:
The light at the end of the tunnel appears on the equinox.


If ever you were entitled to toot your own horn or become truly obsessed with
the image you're projecting, now would be the time. There's so much
positive planetary energy emanating from your sign at the moment, it'll
be hard, even for a self-effacing Virgin, to play shy and retiring. Instead,
take that crucial first step out of your protective shell. Mars provides the
nerve, Jupiter the vision, and the Virgo sun the creative force and will. Mercury,
back in Virgo on the 10th, restores the perspective you may have lost while
it was retrograde last month.


A weight lifts on Labor Day, when your Venus ruler moves out of domesticated,
duty-bound Cancer into playful Leo. And while you're not completely free
of the Crab's claws – restrictive, responsible Saturn hangs on until
next summer – you will probably want to spend more time and money on art,
little luxuries and entertainment. Venus' trip through youthful Leo until
October 3 can offer more pure pleasure than any other time of the year. Get
your priorities straight, eschew the continuing family drama and enjoy the farces
and frivolous behavior of your friends.


Maybe the challenging square on the 9th between impulsive Mars and anal-retentive
Pluto, your two ruling planets, will come down to choosing between friendship
and finances. More likely it'll point out the contradiction between what
you personally find valuable and your position on various sociopolitical matters.
The trick in surviving a tricky situation like this is one you've managed
to pull off before: Protect your source of income, because while you might go
off half-cocked on one crusade or another, you'll invariably return to
where the money is.


It may feel like a conglomerate has taken over your career midheaven and that
all you can do is wait impatiently to see if your gig has changed. Maybe the
work will become more interesting because expansive, farsighted Jupiter and
the exacting Virgo sun are setting higher goals? Maybe the new boss will be
more of a martinet – militant Mars is also in Virgo – than the last
one. And maybe there'll be a lot more paperwork, but hopefully only until
Mercury finishes its transit of detail-driven Virgo. Any way you look at the
situation, four very vocal planets are demanding your attention.


Now is a good time to expand your vision, embrace a higher spiritual power
or go back to school so that you can better achieve a long-standing life goal,
one that has little to do with your ability to direct other people's resources
toward a common – but far from ordinary – end. Because affectionate
Venus leaves your Cancer complement on Labor Day, you might not find as much
comfort and pleasure in a domestic relationship as you've been getting.
So much for the summer romance and your romantic summer vacation.


Just when everyone's thoughts turn to the new fall season, you may get
hooked on the prospect of a late summer romance. After affectionate Venus moves
into your Leo marriage on Labor Day, the pursuit of romance, luxury and effortless
entertainment can easily take precedence over more productive pastimes. No need
to worry about paying for your pleasure. All those highly motivated Virgo planets
in your house of other people's resources should ensure that you're
not stuck with the bill. An investment opportunity is about to knock.


Rely on a close ally. Although his or her command of an issue may a defensive
Fish like you, the sheer amount of accuracy, acumen and native intelligence
embedded in your Virgo house of partners right now is reason enough to follow
someone else's lead. You might want to strike a blow for independence for
the sheer hell of it, but if you need to be reassured or advised on any matter,
turn to your mate, agent or attorney. They are your guardian angels until the
month ends and the sun, Jupiter and Mars move on to Libra.

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