Echoes of what alarmed you last week could reverberate this week as retrograde
Mercury merges with the sun on the Leo-Virgo cusp. Look for a more specific
and creative solution to your immediate problem, as well as advice, disguised
as an intuitive buzz, from your higher power. However, if you do blow your top
when the sun approaches its confrontation with disruptive Uranus on the 27th,
so be it. Surprises have a way of catching you off guard. Let's hope that
at least the Boy Scouts among us will be prepared.


Tempted to court danger, for the sheer hell of it? Headed for any port in the
storm except the ones you're familiar with? Memories of what may have happened
during the explosive opposition between rebellious Uranus and your impulsive
Mars ruler last week can be just as upsetting when the critiquing Virgo sun
faces off against Uranus this week. Your desire to cut and run could lead to
less-unpredictable endings, but first listen to what the universe is telling
you. If you hear the words home security system, family loyalty or kitchen update,
stay put.


Despite the restrictions you sense closing in on you, you're actually
being pulled toward a happier and healthier lifestyle. All the positive planetary
activity presently in service-oriented Virgo can broaden your vision and help
you find wisdom and joy in places you've neglected to look. This summer
could be your most expansive period in over a decade, so even if you have to
wait until autumn, after generous Jupiter finishes rewarding all the earth signs,
to see any results, table your fear. Keep active, try new things, consult the


Now would be a good time to deal with an argumentative relative or that annoying
neighbor. If you put it off much longer, a simple difference of opinion could
escalate into a full-blown battle. So even if you can't make peace, the
sooner you say your piece, the better. Besides, because your retrograde Mercury
ruler goes back into openhearted Leo, you might not be as critical of the other
guy's point of view. This is also a good time to acquire something that'll
make you feel more comfortable at home.


Forget the beach, the Crab should focus on financial matters – both your
personal assets and how you're dealing with other people's money –
while that area of your life is being highlighted. Although an innovative, humanitarian
approach may have greater appeal, because popular Venus is bonding with tradition-minded
Saturn in your sign, taking the tried-and-true route could provide greater emotional
security, even earn you name recognition. You're in an enviable position,
so make the most of whatever unforeseen opportunity pops up as the month ends.


Once solar Leo is over, the pressure to perform on cue, to be the star of the
show, may diminish. However, while your sun ruler travels through exacting Virgo,
you'd better know for sure what you're saying before you mouth off.
These could be tricky times for Lions because, as new opportunities present
themselves, having Mercury backpedaling through your sign will strengthen your
reliance on familiar rationales. Try to postpone all official acts, such as
signing papers or beginning an assignment, until Mercury goes direct on September
2 or, better still, leaves Leo for good on the 10th.


You're in for a subtle, yet impressive, gift from the gods. Whenever your
Mercury ruler and the sun meet, helpful ideas tend to come to you like bolts
out of the blue. You might even experience more than one stunning “Eureka!”
moment. Their merger on the 23rd can be particularly telling, because retrograde
Mercury is crossing the Virgo-Leo cusp, activating the doorway between how you
currently see yourself and what has come before. Insights may bubble up from
your unconscious that'll forever alter your perception of the past.


Respect, recognition, perhaps even an award, may come your way while your magnetic
Venus ruler, in your Cancer midheaven, draws closer to Saturn, the man in charge
of everything official. Maintaining the family's good name usually requires
a traditional, socially acceptable response, so you could feel obliged to do
what's expected of you instead of what you want. Taking the proper steps
might not be nearly as difficult as keeping your mouth shut and your temper
under control during the wild roller-coaster ride of a full moon on the 29th.


If there's a crisis building over work or a family issue, expect it to
come to a head during the very emotional Pisces full moon. But if all you anticipate
is another opportunity to prove your point about a moneymaking venture, rest
assured you'll sail through the tumultuous end of the month without rocking
the boat. You should, however, keep an eye on your career and how your boss
and your parents view your current accomplishment (or the lack thereof). If
they need to blow off steam, be a good boy or girl and let them. Don't
answer back.


Despite the fact that Mercury is retrograde in your house of foreign travel
and higher knowledge until September 2, you might be making plans to take off
as soon as possible. Throwing caution to the wind raises the odds of having
a truly thrilling adventure, one in which everything that could possibly go
wrong does. However, while your protective Jupiter ruler resides in your Virgo
midheaven, trust that, no matter what tests the gods on Mount Olympus put in
your path, you'll wind up much wiser, and prosperous too.


Trust your intuition, especially if it alerts you about an investment. One
element in your financial picture could be subject to change, although whether
it becomes more prominent or fades into the background is uncertain. But then,
whenever future-oriented Uranus and the life-sustaining sun vie for supremacy,
it's difficult to predict the outcome. Meanwhile, your love life tends
to improve the closer affectionate Venus gets to your Saturn ruler. Their meet-cute
date in your Cancer marriage house is set for the 31st.


The kinder, gentler Water Bearer is in for a surprise when the stickler of
a Virgo sun opposes your Uranus ruler on the 27th. But because there's
precious little that's predictable about Uranus, the epiphany could come
at any moment. Like your Capricorn and Pisces neighbors, you're urged to
trust your intuition, along with whatever inside info you pick up from the sun-Mercury
meeting on the 23rd. A supremely satisfying moment may occur when loving Venus
merges with stable Saturn as the month ends. Enjoy.


The desire to do for yourself, to go it alone, is tested again while the willful
sun, in your Virgo house of partners, opposes independent Uranus in your sign.
You might not react as passionately or impulsively as before, but be aware that
you can successfully defend your position with the most accurate information
available. Also remind yourself that the Pisces full moon next weekend can be
an exceptionally emotional time, and that, if offered a pleasurable outing,
e.g., a relaxing day at the spa or a ball game, you should take it. A diversionary

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