Friday the 13th carries its own message. However, the favorable trine between
romantic Venus and erotic Uranus could put another spin on that infamous date,
and make it memorable in far less scary ways. Sunday's new moon in Leo
begins a brighter lunar cycle than the one that's ending. Look for growth
opportunities, especially in business, that the harmonious sextile between expansive
Jupiter and constructive Saturn – their first positive alignment since
their conjunction in May 2000 – can bring about. There's not much
to say about the acerbic Mars-Mercury retrograde opposition to disruptive Uranus
in Pisces on Wednesday, except be careful.


The weekend might seem fairly tame, at least until the new moon in your Leo
house of fun and games comes up with a fresh romantic interest, probably another
fire sign, that you can sniff around. However, the major event of the week,
for hotheaded Rams and strategic Scorpions as well, is the opposition between
your impulsive Mars ruler and unpredictable Uranus on the 18th. The last time
these explosive forces faced off was August 2002, so if you can remember what
went down then, you'll have a good idea of what could happen now.


For some down-to-earth Bulls, change is exciting; for others, it's terrifying.
Let's hope you respond well to whatever unplanned event occurs when your
affectionate Venus ruler and independent-minded Uranus trine on, of all days,
Friday the 13th. Shivers running up and down your spine yet? Or are you hung
up on how much this spontaneous act of indulgence will cost? The new moon in
your Leo home base can introduce a household or family matter intended to evoke
a dramatic response. Remember that while Mercury is retrograde, you shouldn't
rush to judgment.


Charming is as charming says and does; therefore, this week would be a good
time to woo your audience to your side. While affable Venus and your expressive
Mercury ruler are in a mutually supportive relationship, you should be well
received. Although as Mercury and militant Mars join forces midweek, you could
easily become more perceptive – more forceful, too. The cutting remarks
you make because you get carried away can do real damage. Think twice before
you attack the opposition. Remember: Mercury-retrograde action may come back
to haunt you.


A sudden impulse, a change of heart, on Friday the 13th might seem dangerous
to a cautious Crab, but that's half the appeal. Magnetic Venus traveling
through your sign will attract a variety of interesting people or, in this case,
unusual situations. Since the goddess is mostly on friendly terms with the other
signs, you could benefit socially, romantically, maybe even financially from
the experience. Exceptions: natives born around July 13 who have restrictive
Saturn sitting on their natal sun. Their turn comes as the month ends.


Remind yourself to align your latest desires with the Leo new moon Sunday so
that you can successfully launch your agenda for this birthday year. Lions always
know which way the wind is blowing, even if at present the future appears cloudy.
Though you have protective Jupiter in your Virgo money house, a financial matter
may kick up a storm midweek when impetuous (and petulant) Mars meets retrograde
Mercury there. But since there's precious little you can do about that
right now, try to maintain your cool and a proper sense of perspective.


One of the pretty people may surprise you when she or he makes a gracious gesture
on your or your partner's behalf. Accept gracefully whatever benefits you
can glean from the rewarding Venus-Uranus trine, especially if they come with
a heartfelt apology. You're in a propitious position, perhaps the best
in the past two years, simply because expansive Jupiter in Virgo perfects an
easygoing, opportunistic sextile to realistic, play-by-the-rules Saturn in Cancer,
a water sign that nourishes your own.


Forget about the threat level and political bantering. This weekend Libra can
turn into the perfect fool for love, silliness or whatever recreational activity
will entertain you best. While your Venus ruler is on such good terms with erratic,
erotic Uranus, indulging in pure fun and games can be as rewarding a pursuit
of happiness as any other you can devise. Enjoy yourself while you can. It's
quite possible that very vocal friends or a group you're involved with
will rise up midweek and attack your independent, “fuck all” attitude.


Try to take full advantage of the creative energy Sunday's Leo new moon
brings to your work week. Its emphasis on talent, generosity and an upbeat attitude
can do wonders for your career and reputation. Following a plan, however, might
be easier said than done, especially if you get caught up in the war of words
your Mars co-ruler launches midweek when, with the help of verbally gifted Mercury,
it opposes unpredictable Uranus. Considering your crazy family, the attack could
just as easily spring from their camp.


A new moon in a fire sign like your own usually gives Centaurs a positive energy
boost. So if the annual summer infusion, the roar of the Lion, triggers your
desire for a physical or spiritual adventure, feel free to take off anytime
after Sunday. But first, folks born in November may have to dodge various slings
and arrows when outrageous Uranus challenges aggressive Mars in their Virgo
midheaven. While not in the direct line of fire, they could become a casualty
of someone else's – e.g., your boss' or your parents' –


Beware the old switcheroo! What seems pleasant enough, even potentially beneficial,
while peace-loving Venus is friends with altruistic Uranus this weekend, can
turn on a dime by midweek. That's when macho Mars and data-driven Mercury
gang up against Uranus. All of a sudden there's enough yelling and finger-pointing
to send you into the arms of a loved one. Perhaps seeking sympathy from your
ex? Remind yourself that since your prudent Saturn ruler is currently receiving
Jupiter's blessing, a choice opportunity may be just around the corner.


Prepare to mount an effective defense. Everything might seem fine and dandy
while lovable Venus favors your Uranus ruler this weekend. However, things can
change quickly when militant Mars and his cohort, Mercury, oppose Uranus on
Wednesday. Whatever the nature of the challenge, however explosive the situation,
if you think you're in the right, you should stick to your guns. And don't
ignore the prospect of the openhearted, optimistic Leo new moon on Sunday putting
a bright, sunny face on a tired partnership matter. Go for it.


The main focus of this week's action is individualistic Uranus in early
Pisces. If you have natal planets there, expect some sort of sudden change,
if only your point of view. Benefits come from social interaction, art and appeals
to your amorous nature, courtesy of the rewarding Venus-Uranus trine this weekend.
However, by midweek you may be bombarded with reasons to react spontaneously
– e.g., to blow your top – while virile Mars and vitriolic Mercury,
in concert, oppose that rebellious Uranian spirit. Fair warning.

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