This could well be the most romantic weekend of the summer, so make sure you
do your part: Pick up on the musical and magical, secretive and sexy vibes.
Be sure to use the unspoiled energy of the Cancer new moon Saturday morning
to set a new course for yourself and the object of your affections. Then feel
free to apply the promise and optimism of Tuesday's generous Venus-Jupiter
square to finance your expedition into a happy future. Warm and wonderful, pure-of-heart
Leo begins Thursday. Enjoy.


Check out Web sites offering low-cost, high-risk trips you can sign up for
immediately. You may get a similar opportunity to direct the high-spirited energy
of your Mars ruler toward another once-or-twice-in-a-lifetime adventure in 2006,
but why wait? This is an excellent time to test the limits of your curiosity
and love of a challenge. Plus, you have the support of security-conscious Pluto
to see you get back home in one piece. However, first make sure you don't
get sidetracked by a dramatic plea for attention from a colleague, your boss
or, worse, a parent.


No matter where you go camping this summer, you're not out of the woods
until your Venus ruler returns to the spot at which it turned retrograde in
mid-May. That red-letter day arrives on August 2, right after the blue moon.
Until then, keep track of the intelligence that keeps accruing, especially your
insights into a more flexible value system. While the family becomes more rigid
in its demands as more planets gather in Leo, a fixed sign like your own, you
may prefer to experiment with attractive alternatives. Conflict?


A diplomatic Libra or Taurus can bring a relationship issue to a head and help
you discover what, up to now, you've refused to see. Or what has been systematically
kept from you. Interesting action for the ever-curious Twins, no? Money might
not figure prominently in the puzzle; still, you should pay attention to the
pluses and minuses of each material and emotional transaction, at least until
your Mercury ruler begins its next retrograde trip on August 9. Be aware that
what happens from now until then will probably have to be revised.


Like your birthday wish, the annual Cancer new moon offers another opportunity
to focus purely on what you want for yourself. Not something that'll please
others, no deal with the devil that'll guarantee the success of your latest
project, nothing to enhance your reputation in the community or among your friends.
Not high hopes for your financial future either, although Mercury in your Leo
money house is demanding that no matter what else you do this summer, you pay
attention to the small stuff or it'll come back to haunt you.


Lions, more than most signs, are aware that sometimes even royalty has to pay
to play and that you might as well have joy in your heart while you're
running up a tab. Just a reminder because, for the next three weeks, while lucky
Jupiter, indulgent Venus and passionate Pluto hook up, a lot of your time and
energy could be devoted to making your loved ones happy. Even casual friends
can benefit from the abundance of gifts and special treats being tossed around.
Petty jealousies are to be expected, so try to play fair.


Good friends or “just friends”? All summer long, colleagues and acquaintances
could pop up, sometimes when it's convenient, more often when it's
not. Even if you intend to spend time alone (especially once your Mercury ruler
turns retrograde in your sign on August 9), trips down memory lane are likely
to be shared with somewhat significant others from your past. Because generous,
jolly Jupiter is in your sign, you can't help but extend yourself, and
because affable Venus and manipulative Pluto are vying for your attention, you
could wind up feeling used and abused.


Don't let the Cancer new-moon energy slip by without directing some of
it toward a career goal you can get behind come autumn. It's not that you're
presently preoccupied with sun-in-the-fun activities or, more likely, inactivity,
but there's a good chance that you'll be called out of town to attend
to pleasurable business. If so, keep tabs on your expenses, because when there's
tension between enthusiastic Jupiter and your amenable Venus ruler, the bills
quickly pile up, and it gets harder to say no to anything and anyone you fancy.


No doubt the psychic Scorpio has seen it coming and, in your own quiet way,
has prepared for its arrival. What? The rewarding trine between Mars and Pluto,
your co-ruling planets. What will make this event on the 25th more memorable
than others that have come before is the fiery, passionate nature of their liaison.
And the possibility of cashing in big-time, simply because the planets are aligned
in your second house of income earned and your 10th house of worldly success
and the family's good name. Congratulations.


The passion you were promised should hit like the proverbial thunderbolt when
horny Mars in Leo favors passionate Pluto in your sign. Their connection could
be “a bit of rough,” so be prepared for high drama instead of warm
hugs and civilized conversation. Once again, because your expansive Jupiter
ruler is busy making plans for the next stage of your career, affectionate Venus
in your house of partners can make those folks feel neglected. Trust that the
goddess will demand that you pay dearly for any oversight.


You seem unable to extricate yourself from the pervasiveness of “we”
rather than “me” consciousness. Not to worry: After the sun moves
out of your Cancer complement on the 22nd and before magnetic Venus moves in
on August 7, you should be able to focus on what's unique about yourself
and how you can make those qualities known to a wider audience. You'll
have plenty of time to research the project because publicity-minded Mercury
turns retrograde on August 9 in your house of other people's resources.
Start your search for potential benefactors/investors soon.


Take time to figure out where you want to be at the end of July, when the second
full moon of the month, the blue moon, is exact in Aquarius. These relatively
rare lunar events are special occasions that deserve suitable, well-thought-out
celebrations. Since it's your turn to “howl at the moon,” make
sure everyone who counts can hear you. Other people's expectations, their
reactions and respect, tend to have a stronger effect on you and a significant
other during solar Leo than at other times of the year. Put on a good show.


Caught in the crossfire again, or is your current situation too much of a good
thing? Either way, you're liable to be stressed out by too many promises
as Venus and Jupiter, the two “benefics,” attempt to outdo each other.
Between being the object of your family's best intentions and a partner's
generosity, Fish can easily feel that the squeeze is on. Although a long deep-sea
dive would take you far away from the competitive vibe, realistically you can't
succumb to the temptation to hide out. Or can you?

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