Once we get past the doom-and-gloomy sense of loss generated by the superserious
sun-Saturn conjunction on the 8th, we should be okay. Maybe we'll get all
fired up from the strident Mercury-Mars conjunction in Leo on the 10th; maybe
we'll become somewhat delusional while Mercury opposes fanciful Neptune
on the 13th. But no matter what else comes to pass, we're headed for a
romantic weekend with plenty of sexy Mars-Venus interaction and musical, magical
Neptunian overtones, plus a brand-new lunar cycle begins on the 17th.


Rams rarely have to sharpen their verbal skills to get their point across,
but while expressive Mercury and your Mars ruler merge, every word can pack
a powerful punch. This is not your everyday excursion into fact-finding or truth
telling; the conjunction in heartfelt Leo provides an opportunity to describe
accurately and dramatically whatever is on your mind. There's also a fair
amount of idealism and illusion at play, so before you launch a fiery crusade,
make sure you're not being hyped by a well-meaning but naive associate.


Sorting fact from fiction could be more difficult than you expected, especially
as you grow more and more enamored of the carrot at the end of the stick. Is
your employer leading you on or is there really a reward just beyond your reach?
A romantic attraction can have the same sort of allure while building toward
a climax next weekend. As usual, artistic and musical Bulls benefit the most
from the supportive trine between your Venus ruler and imaginative Neptune,
a repeat performance of the favors you enjoyed around Earth Day.


Strike while the iron is hot. The heat comes from your Mercury ruler's
passage through fiery Leo, the iron from Mercury's meeting with metallic
Mars this weekend. Add a hearty dollop of affection from loving Venus in your
sign, a smidgen of idealism from imaginative Neptune, and, presto!, you have
the makings of a summer romance. All the ingredients are there; the only question
is, how long might the illusion last? And, for some Twins, how much will it
cost? Truth or beauty, faith or fantasy, passion or obsession – go, tiptoe
through those tulips.


Moon children born this week are in for either praise, if responsible Saturn
adds stature to your reputation, or damnation, because Saturn can also be Satan
incarnate! It all depends on how you've been handling the problems that
have landed on your doorstep. With dignity and diligence or moans and groans?
Things should ease up the farther away the sun gets from Saturn, so by next
weekend there's a good chance that every Crab can entertain thoughts of
a hot summer romance, complete with drama, humor and glamour.


Not every Lion is destined to fall head over heels when passionate Mars in
your sign inhales the magical, mystical vapors that Neptune, in your Aquarius
marriage house, is emitting. But if you can avoid the attraction, let us know
how. It's not simply Neptune luring you on; affectionate, romantic Venus
is also part of the package. Even your rational mind (Mercury is in Leo) is
susceptible to the vibe that significant others, as well as casual acquaintances,
are sending out. Enjoy, it's a transitory thing, and tempus fugit.


Can you believe that you might become even smarter than you already are? When
your Mercury ruler merges with Mars, the phrase “sharp as a tack”
(and just as painful) comes to mind. Be careful that you don't hurt yourself
with your off-the-cuff remarks. Remember, “What goes around, comes around.”
Along with the usual clich??s, you can also recite chapter, verse and,
since these planets are meeting in theatrical Leo, memorable lines. While writers
and actors obviously benefit, shy-type Virgins may get an opportunity to show
off their skills, too.


You're headed for a couple of weeks when a romantic fantasy and art come
together, plus there's enough passion being generated to raise a sweat,
but not enough to make a mess. All you have to do is ignore a nagging sense
of responsibility and the fact that family obligations all too often have to
take precedence over pleasure. Succeed at avoiding the problem, and you'll
be able to enjoy a creative interlude that may bring you the kind of attention
that, while not having an immediate payoff, will mean a lot come your birthday.


Along with Christmas, now is the other time of year when Scorpions benefit
from a vibrant holiday spirit. Whether you're performing or producing,
the more time you spend in the spotlight, the better you'll do. While your
Mars co-ruler is in theatrical Leo, both your bankbook and reputation tend to
expand. Plus, you can demonstrate your skills solving puzzles while analytical
Mercury favors your Pluto co-ruler. A little romance may also be in the cards
as Venus reaches out to Mars, always a promising prognosis. Fun in the sun as
well as in the dark.


Unless you're in the midst of a hair-raising adventure, it's the
athletic Archer who'll benefit the most from the physical energy Mars in
Leo is sending your way. Good for Olympian wannabes. The others may discover
more about their inner life, especially the repressed, down-and-dirty episodes,
when clever Mercury favors secretive Pluto in Sag. Although there's a lot
of flirting going on, and sweet romance is in the air, the passion you're
due to experience won't reach a peak for another week or two. Can you hang
in there without blowing your chances?


During solar Cancer, the cosmos focuses on your partners, allies and competitors.
And while you certainly play a part, that role is based more on how you can
help them than on how well they're serving you, or if they're doing
you a disservice. Knowing that you're a necessary factor in their ongoing
sagas may be as much ego gratification as you're going to get this summer.
So keep on doing what's expected of you and enjoying the perks that inadvertently
come your way. This week, a silly sweet nothing to remember someone by.


Since you've been sufficiently conscientious, it's now time to let
go and let your faith and idealism take over. You could even let them run rampant.
Impressionable, imaginative Neptune in your sign is currently the focal point
for Mercury's curiosity, impulsive Martian desire, and Venus' love
and affection. Expect more socializing, lots of conversation, and more passion
from the dignified Leo in your life than you figured he or she would ever show
in public. No matter what the occasion turns out to be, be sure to celebrate
in style.


A discovery you recently made might necessitate an expensive adjustment. If
such is the case, simply go for broke and assume that you'll collect on
the back end. Fish have got to show some faith, especially while your Neptune
ruler is the flavor of the week, and next weekend's best beloved as well.
Any chance of romance could slip away if you're too busy dotting i's
and minding your p's and q's. So, while perceptive Mercury in Leo
might be testing your vigilance, it's also putting you in a more playful,
self-indulgent place. Go there.

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