This is the summer of our discontent. This sentiment may become emphatically
apparent when Mercury, the mouthpiece, merges with restrictive Saturn this weekend.
Since the patriotic Cancer sun supports future-oriented, altruistic Uranus on
Sunday, your revolutionary spirit can soar a week earlier than the Fourth. Venus
comes out of retrograde, where it's been wandering for 40 days and 40 nights,
on the 29th. And although the Capricorn moon next Thursday night doesn't
reach fullness until the morning, it'll look and make us feel like something
crucial has peaked.


Rams born in March may find that their neighbors are acting neighborly again
and that siblings are being civil, all because affectionate Venus is about to
slip into forward gear. Writers and visual artists benefit from the turnaround
as well. Rams born in April can anticipate coming up with a revised approach
to a financial matter that has been, if not exactly festering, simply simmering
away on a back burner since acquisitive Venus went retrograde in mid-May. A
happy resolution if you're patient.


Chalk it up to the time of year, since the emphasis on money matters and value
systems will fade the further into summer we get. Because your Venus ruler rarely
turns retrograde in your personal financial district, you'd be a fool to
blow off its effects. What have you learned since your birthday? What matters
the most right now, how you feel or what you have? Once Venus flips forward
on the 29th, you can begin to incorporate the new elements into your old life.
Friction from a family member or your landlord? Probably.


Serious conversations, perhaps a greater sense of responsibility, as your Mercury
ruler meets prudent Saturn this weekend. What is often considered a drag or
a bore can evolve into a decided advantage and an asset for you, especially
if the matter concerns finances. Meanwhile, because artistic Venus is turning
direct in Gemini on the 29th, you may experience a surge of creative fervor
that needs to be expressed before Venus enters Cancer in early August. If no
heightened aesthetic surfaces, then for sure, more amour.


Another year older and no deeper in debt? Happy birthday. Anticipate receiving
a nice surprise – a financial windfall? – while the Cancer sun and
unpredictable Uranus in your house of shared assets and resources form a rewarding
trine. If, around the time of Mardi Gras, you benefited from a favorable situation
or decision, then chances are good that something similar will occur again this
week. Don't let the dour mood that the Mercury-Saturn conjunction may subject
you to get in the way of a happy celebration.


Don't put it off much longer. The time for Leos to get more involved in
social and political affairs is fast slipping away. Although, after Venus turns
direct on the 29th, you may again be attracted to a group you flirted with before.
Only now, with energetic Mars in your sign, you'll be able to bring a lot
more passion to the table. Incidentally, if you're considering any kind
of elective surgery, schedule it before Mars, ruler of knives, needles, dermabrasion
and drills, leaves Leo on August 10. A friend may astound you this weekend.


Because gigantic Jupiter in Virgo may be inflating your ego as well as expanding
your horizons, it might not be a bad thing if you did come down to earth during
the Mercury-Saturn conjunction this weekend. You don't have to crash and
burn or become depressed, but getting sensible advice and opting to act prudently
can be the antidote for a manic mindset. Now is also a good time to embrace
a caring partner, no matter how unpredictable he or she may seem. This gesture
can take your relationship to another level.


Your Venus ruler emerges from its biannual retrograde session on the 29th and
begins to advance through Gemini, an intelligent air sign like your own. For
the past 40 days, retrograde Venus has been revisiting the visceral feelings
that lie beneath the Libran veneer of diplomacy and sociability. In the sign
of the Twins, the duality of emotion and reason is more apparent, their reconciliation
more meaningful. A situation that dates back to April 15 may resurface, but
now you'll have a less lopsided way of dealing with it. The Scales get


Other people's money, or more likely their lack of, may continue to bother
you or even make you sad, but not for much longer. When the history of your
joint financial involvement is revealed, there should be a chapter devoted to
your heroism. This weekend, Mercury speaks well of your conservative approach
because the Messenger conjuncts karmic Saturn. When the Cancer sun also conjuncts
Saturn on July 8, there might be a material as well as an emotional payoff.
Someone has to act like a mature adult, a responsible parent figure, and you've
been elected.


Like Scorpio, you could be stewing over a similar financial situation, tending
a mess not of your own making. Other Archers will be watching closely to see
what else will happen. Will their partner do an about-face once loving Venus
turns direct in their Gemini marriage house? Will the reversal of his or her
recent attitude be accepting, repentant or repellent? You'll have the next
40 days to make your way back to where you were when Venus began the exploration
of her dark side 40 days ago. Beyond that, new territory.


Watch what you say. Even casual conversations might resonate far longer than
you, or anyone else, anticipated. While Mercury is attached to your Saturn ruler
this weekend, you can express your thoughts and make yourself understood more
easily, especially when communicating with a co-worker, health professional
or your partner. Meanwhile, the lighthearted, fun-in-the-sun element returns
as Venus in your house of recreation and, dare we suggest, romance goes direct.
Making up, making out won't be that hard to do.


While not infrequent enough to qualify as “rare,” the rewarding trine
between the life-sustaining sun and your inventive Uranus ruler doesn't
come around often enough to be taken for granted. Some appreciation, then, for
the surprise, freakishness and freedom this supportive aspect adds to your weekend.
You won't be challenged; well, you may have to explain yourself when all
is said and done, but except for a slight attitude adjustment, the prognosis
looks quite promising. Just don't make any you can't keep.


Summertime can be such a soulful interlude for Fish, so try to make the most
of the supportive vibes, easy opportunities and meaningful exchanges. The one
that'll strike home the hardest may take place this weekend when Mercury
helps you explain your feelings about the past as it merges with family-centric
Saturn in Cancer. Their union also marks the beginning of another way of interpreting
that history, a chapter that'll be completed next summer. Don't be
astounded if you suddenly feel liberated while Uranus in your sign is lit by
the full force of the sun.

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